Mangaluru: 21 Ganesha Images in 21 Various Forms by 21 Artists on Display at ‘Varna Ganapa’ Exhibit

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Mangaluru: S Cube Art Gallery- Mannagudda, organized ‘Varna Ganapa’, an art exhibition by 21 artists dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This is a unique art exhibition coinciding with Ganesha Chathurthi Festival. ‘Varna Ganapa’ will be held for two weeks from 12th September to 26th September, covering the period of Ganesh Chathurthi festival.


Coastal Karnataka has a thriving culture of art. However lack of patronage has prevented the artist community to emerge in full bloom. Identifying this need, S Cube has established an art gallery in Mangaluru and they have the credit of installing murals and paintings at prestigious venues like Mangalore City Corporation, DC Office, DK Zilla Panchayat, KMF etc. They have been also supporting the local artists by exhibiting and giving exposure to their works too.

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‘Varna Ganapa’ is a special festival of art dedicated to Lord Ganesha-the much loved icon of Indian mythology and a universally popular theme for artists. Coinciding with the joyous mood of the festive season, the exhibition will feature wide-ranging works of art by 21 artists, making it an occasion of gaiety for art lovers. This exhibition aims to invigorate the art movement of Coastal Karnataka and enable the resurgence of talent throughout this region.

This unique exhibition of paintings “Varna Ganapa” consisting of 21 Lord Ganesha paintings, depicting his 21 different forms created by 21 professional artists was opened with an informal function in the presence of Koti Prasad Alva-Director, Prasad Art Gallery, and Architect C. Chethan Kamath, Planz Unlimited Architects, Mangaluru on Saturday, 12th September 2015 at 4.30 p.m.

08-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-007 09-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-008 10-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-009 11-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-010 12-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-011 13-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-012 14-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-013

The exhibiting artists include both senior artists and young talents. The 21 participating artists were: Ramesh Rao (Udupi), Ganesh Somayaji (Mangaluru), P N Acharya (Udupi), Permude Mohan Kumar (Mangaluru), N S Pattar (Mangaluru), Syed Asif Ali (Mangaluru), B P Mohan Kumar (Mangaluru), Dinesh Holla (Mangaluru), Purushotham Adve (Udupi), Praveen Punchithaya (Kasargod), Veena Shrinivas (Mangaluru), Rajendra Kedige (Mangaluru), Harish Marne (Dubai), Jayavanth Manipal (Udupi), Santhosh Andrade (Mangaluru), Jeevan Salian (Mangaluru), Ramakrishna Nayak (Mangaluru), Vishwas M (Kasargod), Harish Kodialbail (Mangaluru), Janardhan Havanje (Udupi) and Reshma Shetty (Mangaluru).

Speaking during the occasion, Rajendra Kedige-Convener of S Cube Art Gallery said, “Since Ganesha has been the favorite of artists, and since the artists have been gaining inspirations from Lord Ganesha, we decided to organize this art exhibition exclusively of 21 different forms of Ganesha in paintings, well done by 21 professional artists from Mangaluru, Udupi, Kasargod, and one from Dubai. This is a good way that the artists can offer tribute to Lord Ganesha.”

15-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-014 16-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-015 17-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-016 19-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-018

Speaking to, Shashank S Shetty-Director of S Cube said, “It is said that 21 is a number very much associated with Lord Ganesha, even 21 flowers, 21 eatables and 21 lamps etc. Since Ganesh Chaturthi is just a few days away, we invited 21 professional artists locally and out of town to paint 21 different paintings of Ganesha in his 21 different forms. This is indeed a unique way that these artists can welcome the deity, and S Cube has identified Ganesh Chaturthi as an good opportunity to reach out to the people.Lord Ganesha is a universally popular icon and his unique features lend themselves well to art. Lord Ganesha is one of the most widely depicted figures in art, having been portrayed in infinite ways by different artists. Hence we have decided to present ‘Varna Ganapa’, a special art festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha”.

20-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-019 21-varna-ganapa-art-20150912-020



The venue of the exhibition is ‘S Cube’, Gurji Circle, Mannagudda, Mangaluru. The display will be open to public viewing from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on all days, starting from today (12 Sept) until 26 September, 2015. For more information call : 9480014812, 9886757001 Email :

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