Mangaluru: A ‘Veiled’ Attempt at Theft – Man Disguised as Woman Arrested at Ullal Darga

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Mangaluru: The well-renowned ‘uroos’ is currently in progress at the Sayyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani Darga in Ullal on the outskirts of the city. It attracts large crowds from different parts of the country.


Taking advantage of the rush, a man was caught while attempting to relieve the women devotees of their valuables during late Tuesday night on Apr 7.

Saleem from Kannur was dressed as a female in the traditional veil and was seated in the place meant for women. He was spotted and identified by some persons. He was caught and thrashed by some locals. He was then handed over to the police.


The darga authorities have asked those arriving at the event to be cautious against such attempts.

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  1. Some of these medieval traditions need to be banned in 21st century. I am not against any dress code as long as it doesn’t hide your identity in public. Remember – these guys want to attend college and even exams in this attire!!

    • Regarding this incident of a man dressed in a traditional muslim lady’s attire, who was caught in the act of stealing and roughed up and handed over to the police, an incident came to my mind.

      Years ago, I was sorking in a construction company in Bahrain and one evening while quitting for the day (from our office compound, where we were located in a predominantly Shia area and, thertefore, quite restive in the 1990s), while we had gone out and reached the side lane to turn to the main road, we were surprised to see from our vehicle someone in a burqah and veil sitting on the ground by the kerbside. This was a very rare and unusual spectacle for us and one of us said, “Why is a lady sitting in burqah and veil on the footpath? She must be quite bold to sit in such a manner against the traditions of their community?”

      The next day we realised that this person was not a lady, but a man, who hurled a Molotov cocktail at our Administration Manager’s car, while he was retiring for the evening and driving out. Fortunately, he escaped and was safe and sound.

      In Bahrain, there are many Pakistanis who clamour to become Bahrainis, as they do not want to go and settle down in Pakistan, because that country is amongst the ten most lawless countries in the world and there is no guarantee of what will happen to anyone. Many such people are in the police or retired from the police (and have been staying in Bahrain with their families). One Pakistani young lady joined the company. My colleagues told me that she is coming to work in traditional attire and refuses to wear uniform. So, I asked my colleagues to call her so that I could talk to her and convince her to wear uniform. When she came and talked to me, she flatly refused to wear uniform and said that she will be wearing her traditional attire. I told her that if she is not willing to comply with the company’s policies and procedures and rules and regulations, then there is no way out. She said that in that case, she will quit working immediately. I said fine and she left. There were one are two interestong cases with doctors from a country in utter turmoil, but then let us leave it for some other day.

      Finally, what I wish to say is that however religious, convervative or traditional one is, that should be in the confines of one’s home and the place of worship. Outside, especially when it comes to one’s bread-and-butter, one should not put one’s blinkers on, be stubborn as a mule and shoot one’s foot. As simple as that.

  2. I am not against any dress code as long as it doesn’t hide your identity in public. -Mr.Original

    Dear readers,

    Our American self exiled is more concern about identity crisis,when the modern technology can even scan almost bare body.

    While Modi government is more focus on safety of ‘Go Matta’ in other hand more women are being raped.

    In one hand BJP ruling state of like Goa’s anti-bikini minister Sudin Dhavalikar who share Muthalik’s tendencies blames western attire for rapes, while decade of BJP ruling in Madhya Pradesh stands top in rape statistics.The BJP has no problem with Jain saints ,Aghori Sadhus or Bettaleseve in Chandragutti.

    Is our pro nudity original inspiring women of India to go more bare chested and showing slim legs? Why can’t he retire and accept PM Modi’s long term visa and join Moral Police force?

    Jai Hind

  3. Dear Sharia Pandita,
    Your post makes no sense. Why are you bringing up Goa, BJP, RSS, Modi, Jains, aghori and every other thing into this discussion when my comments are purely on a dress code that hides your identity ? Remember – this dress code comes from those backward, tribal areas where men used this as a tool to hide the identity of their women. The ONLY purpose behind this dress was to hide identity of women from other ‘kaamanna’ tribal folks. LOL
    Answer the following questions:
    – Why are people from only one community caught in Mangaluru Vimaana Nildaana ?
    – How many more black flags have you added to your personal collection ?
    – Why is your tribal kingdom of Saudi Arabia acting very tough on Houthi rebels of Yemen while showing a very sympathetic stand on ISIS and other sunny terrorists ?

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