Mangaluru: Aam Admi Party launches ‘Bribe-free Mangaluru/Karnataka’ in City

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Mangaluru: The ‘Bribe-free Karnataka’ movement launched by the Aam Admi Party Karnataka was formally launched in Mangaloru today, at the DC office located in the heart of the city. The ‘Bribe-free Mangaluru’ campaign was heralded by senior social worker and Advocate Dayanath Kotian.

Speaking on the occasion, advocate Kotian lauded the Aam Aadmi Party for leading from the front and making efforts to eradicate corruption and bribery that citizens are suffering. It is the responsibility of every citizen to make Karnataka a bribe-free state. He called upon responsible citizens, students and social activists to support the Aam Aadmi Party in their campaign. Deputy Tahsildar Ms. supported the campaign and called for citizens to avoid middlemen and to get their work done directly from the concerned officials at the Tahsildar office.


More than a hundred AAP party volunteers then went to the Sub Registrar’s office and demanded an end to the harassment by middlemen and the corrupt practices in the office. They also highlighted that despite government orders, there were no CCTVs installed in the office and requested that cameras should be installed to enable transparency and to discourage bribery in the office. They also demanded that name and designations of every official be put on their respective desks. They highlighted the plight of temporary/ contract basis employees whose salaries have not been paid since 6 months

The next stop was the RTO office where they met ARTO Ramesh Varnekar who spoke about increased workload as many posts in the office being vacant inspire of the fact that the number of jobs allocated was on basis of 1980’s vehicle census.


Aam Admi Party Co-convener Mohan Dasari said, “Bribe-free Mangaluru” and “Bribe-free Karnataka” was the dream of every citizen. To realize that, an anti-corruption helpline was announced (9342522223). The helpline receives more than 200 calls a day and the party is determined to help callers with their issues. I urge the people to join hands with the AAP and participate in this campaign and to use the helpline to report all cases of corruption they may experience. This will help us realize our dream of a Bribe Free country”.

The district committee members Devi Prasad, Alexander, Rohan Shiri, Rajendra, Marcia Pinto along with hundreds of active volunteers of Dakshina Kannada district were present during the campaign.

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  1. My heartfelt Thanks to AAP Party and Both groups together, work together and get rid of Corruption in Govt. Offices.
    1. RTO closes office at around 5 pm for all of Us. Why there is business going on at 8 pm. after hours. I was troubled when I noticed some fishy operation. I saw a attendent doing some business at this time.Guess what? Also Rear of RTO office is Money Mint with RTO Stamp.
    2. It took Me 9 months to get Registration done because I refused to pay under the table. But when I met Mr.Vernekar of Lokyukta, through His kindness,I have received all the Papers within 50 minutes. They demanded 65 thousand Rupees originally to issue papers but ended up paying 15 thousand and getting the papers. That means ?
    3. There was a incident where I saw a Ambulance from Kotekar carrying little Children to At.Agnes School. So I went to RTO office to report. The Officer replied to me” Dying People die one way or other,so do not worry about it.” Great Answer from Stupid Officer.
    Thanks again for providing the Public with Helpline. I pray that AAP will succeed in every action they carry on behalf of Public. God Bless all of YOU.

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