Mangaluru: Aanja Sarken Cheddun Te, Nanv Thaje Sonal! Up,Close and Personal with Upcoming Kudla Actress

Mangaluru: “Aanja Sarken Cheddun Te, Nanv Thaje Sonal” meaning “A girl with a Angel look, Her name is Sonal”. I still remember the date- 22 December 2013- during Christmas time that we all friends partied at Sonal’s house till the wee hours, to celebrate the successful release of “Anjea Sarke Cheddun” DVD directed and produced by my friend Ryan D’Souza-Mumbai, the son of legendary Konkani singer, Late Jerome D’souza. And since then I have known Sonal, who used to call me “Uncle” then, but being a actress now, she calls me by my “name”?-that’s okay, but I feel proud that “Amche Cheddun” has reached greater heights and making news in the glamour world. Acting in that DVD, there was no looking back for this upcoming Kudla beauty, who has already signed up for couple of Tulu and Kannada films. In an exclusive interview Sonal Monteiro talks about her career, her passion, her aspirations, forthcoming films and future plans.


Sonal Monteiro is the new kid on the block, who is here to stay-and she is the latest sensation in the Tulu and Kannada film world. Sonal is yet another star girl on the glamour horizon- and Team Mangalorean finds her all spice and spunk. She has no qualms about doing intimate scenes, and understands that after all it’s a glamorous business. She has carved her own identity, and has made great strides in movie world in such a short span of time. She is elegant, gorgeous and mesmerizes everyone with her grace and charm, yet she is very humble and down to earth person. Acting in movies, she makes her presence felt with her cool and confident acting. One can say that she is frank and fearless, and doesn’t hide any secret about her life. She has also stunned everyone with her slim and trim avatar and confidence on screen. She is simple, friendly, always smiling and a considerate young lady.

Sonal Monteiro never ceases to surprise. Because talent doesn’t wear with time. It only gets kaleidoscopic-she has mastered the art of balance. If she’s enjoying her real-life role of a grown-up girl, she’s also treading on untried territory as an artiste. She insists that she has never been part of mainstream fare. “I guess that reflects my personality. I want to do good work. Of course, one doesn’t always succeed in what one does. Your career will have highs and lows. I am evolving as an actress and as a person.” says Sonal. She’s part of the glam world but Sonal has retained her endearing earthiness. “Luckily, I’ve never been known for my glamour quotient. And the film industry is not only about glamour. It’s also about down and dirty hard work. I don’t take on the pressure of appearing glamorous all the time. I do what I want to do at the moment.” says Sonal.


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Sonal admires her mother, her ‘zest and enthusiasm’ for life and it’s tough to compare herself to her. Sonal adds “We discuss everything, with each other… But overall, she has been an example of someone who is not pursuing happiness only for herself but also for other people. She has always lived a great and happy life, and so also I have”. Sonal says she’s developed new insights about herself. She has a complex personality, and a little bit of a temper, but she has learnt that it is important to be kind.

Born on 11 August 1995 to (late) Vincent and Lita Monteiro, Sonal is one among the three girls in the family- her elder twin sisters are Sharon and Sharal. Having done her schooling at St Mary’s School-Falnir, Mangaluru, she completed her college at St Agnes College-Mangaluru. Sonal says since her childhood she has been a music lover, and at the age of 15 she had her first photo-shoot for a bridal boutique in the City. Competing for the Miss Mangalore 2013 pageant, she has also won the “Miss Beautiful Smile 2013’contest. Having worked for a video album “Anjea Sarkhen Cheddun”, her first movie debut was Tulu film ” Ekka Sakka” directed by K.Soora J Shetty, which ran full houses at theatres for weeks.

“Jai Tulunad” is her second tulu movie directed by Praveen.. And presently she is working for a Kannada movie “Abhisaarike” which is directed by Madhusudhan.

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Sonal has participated in many launching events in Mangaluru, and also been a part of couple of charity events including the organ donation program “Jeevanvileena” by the AJ Hospital and Research Centre. She was also a guest at the launching of ‘360 degree Fashion Store”, and was chief guest for “Mother-n-Daughter Look-a-like” contest awards ceremony, organized by at Hotel Taj Gateway.

Sonal will also be featuring in one of the Bollywood magazine “Film Fashion” as the cover girl in the nearest future. She will be also starring in a Hindi movie under UTV Films-Mumbai. Few days ago, Sonal was one of the judges for the audition of “Elite Miss India” pageant that was held in Bengaluru, and she will be judging the finals of “Elite Miss India” to be held on 21 November 2015 in New Delhi. She along team “Fashion abcd” will be soon coming up with a Charity organization to support girl children, to fight against sexual assault and work place harassment .As a Mangalorean I feel happy and proud to conduct such events in Mangaluru, especially for the girls who are sexually assaulted and who are in depression” says Sonal.

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There is an endearing honesty about the way she approaches her roles that makes her a very unique actress indeed. From her clothes to her mannerisms, she received great reviews on her last Tulu movie “Ekka Sakka”. All I can say is that within a short period of time that Sonal entered into stardom, she has been a great actress, phenomenal would be the right word. And she has remained approachable, humble and polite despite her stature, is what impresses. Here are excerpts from our chat that was peppered with giggles :

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Q : What made you to step into acting in movies?

Knowing that the people around me are supportive especially my family made me get into the field of acting

Q: Was it your childhood dream to become an actress? Was it your own decision or some motivated/influenced you to get into movies?

No, I had never aimed or dreamed to be an actress. I always wanted to be a clinical psychologist . It was my mother who motivated me and gave me the courage to get into movies but now I am happy that I chose to be a part of this industry.

Q: Who has been your biggest strength in your life? What is your limitation as an actress?

My mother has been my biggest strength in life . As an actress I will not limit myself on screen but generally my limitation is my self respect .

Q: You being slim, I have heard that South Film Directors want their actresses to be plump but Bollywood is all about being size zero, what’s your take on that?

True! that the South Film Directors want their actresses to be plump but I personally have not gone through any such directors who have asked me to put on weight. I give life to the script and my role If my Director wants me to put on weight and if my role demands it then come what may, I will surely put on weight . I work with dedication to my role .

Q: What have you learned from entering into stardom?

I have learnt a lot entering into stardom.I have learnt to be patient and more confident in what I do. I have met different kind of people with different thoughts . I have seen the brighter and the darker side of stardom and even the darker side has taught me a lot of lessons which I will surely carry forward and keep in mind for my future endeavors.

Q: Which is the best role in movies, according to you?

For me every role is the best . Every particular role has its own specialty and a lot of learning . I like roles which are very challenging and which require a lot of hard work .

Q: What do you like in your personal life?

In my personal life I will not prefer roaming or parties . I like spending time with my family , eating mama’s food especially daal and fish fry. I love spending time with my sisters with whom I share a lot of things. I like visiting orphanages , I like music and yes I like being with my friends at home Than going out with them .

Q: Are you considering eyeing more into Bollywood or staying with sandalwood?

Yes of course I am eyeing more into Bollywood But at the same time I will not leave my touch towards the south film industry from where my career as an actress began.


Q: What does stardom means to you?

Stardom means a lot to me. It is a complete different world with the bright and dark side where we learn a lot, make new friends and work hand in hand .A place where we get known for our work.

Q: Do you think glamour plays an important role in success of films?

No, I don’t think so. A film gets successful if it is entertaining and liked by audience . Glamour is important if the script of the movie demands it else even without glamour a film can be successful .

Q : What Kannada movie are you currently acting-what’s your role and the story in brief?

I am working for a Kannada movie named ‘ABHISAARIKE’. I play the character named saarika. I am playing the lead role in the movie and tejas playing the lead role male . I’ve got a very challenging role . This particular movie is directed by Madhusudan. It is a Rom-Com movie which has a suspense in it . I have a wonderful team who is supportive . I am just done with half the shoot and I’ve had the best time with my team. We work together and We are all like one big family.

Q: What difference in working style you found in Kannada and Tulu film industry?

I personally dint find much difference in the working style of both Kannada and tulu film industry . Both are good in their own areas .The only difference is the language.

Q: How are you planning to take your career ahead in stardom?

I believe in the quote “live in the present moment , and life begins to flow with ease” .I don’t have a particular plan because i will destroy my present worrying about my future. I will go ahead with the flow. Hoping for good opportunities and challenging roles .

Q: How fashion conscious are you?

I am not very fashion conscious . I opt for clothes that look good on me regardless of style. If its high fashion that’s great but if it is not so be it. Doesn’t matter a lot to me. What matters to me is that I look good and neat . I love to look traditional most of the time .

Q: What is your motto in life?

My motto in life is to be a successful independent woman and to be remembered as a good human being. I believe being good as a human is more important than being a good actor .

Q: Do you have any plans to get married sooner or in few years? What kind of man are you looking for?

Haha.. !! Marriage is something that I have not thought about yet. Since I have already taken my step to the film industry .Firstly,I want to fulfill mine as well as my moms dream . I will wait for the right person and the right time . I will look for a man who is one of my kind who is understanding and who would accept me the way I am .

Q: What do you have to say about Mangalore fans and the locals patronizing your movies?

Mangalore is my hometown and I am a proud mangalorean . I am happy ,proud and also blessed to have started off my career ahead from our own Mangalorean language Tulu. To all my Mangalore fans I would just say BELIEVE IN ME I’LL NEVER LET YOU DOWN!! To all those patronizing my movie thank u so much. I feel happy when my people watch and support. I will give my best to entertain u people .

Q: Apart from being a actress, are you considering any other work to keep you busy?

Now since I am busy with continuous shoots I am only concentrating on it. Once I am free I will be continuing my studies in clinical psychology.

Q: Finally, what is your message to ‘’ readers,of and youngsters in particular?

First and for most I would like to thank the team for the love and support that you have shown towards me. To all the readers, thanks for taking time and reading my article . It is because of your support and blessings that I am here today. Keep supporting Mangalorean talents. To all the energetic youngster’s out there, work hard like there is no tomorrow. All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work. Work hard achieve success and make kudla proud. Thank you Alfie for interviewing me it was fun 😀

Team Mangalorean feels proud of Sonal Monteiro, a great friend of, for her great achievements and wishes her all success in her movie career.

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