Mangaluru: ‘Acche Din will never come’ BJP has forgotten to Bring back Black Money – CM

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Mangaluru: The foundation stone laying ceremony for the district Congress Bhavan was held at Mallikatta here on April 24.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, laid the foundation stone by unveiling the plaque. Later, a stage programme was held at Kadri grounds.

The programme began with an invocation. Chairman of MUDA, Ibrahim Kodijal welcomed the gathering.

The District Minister In-charge, B Ramanath Rai, delivered the keynote address and said that the district Congress Bhavan will be completed within a year.

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Senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary speaking on the occasion said, “In the history of 65 years of Congress rule, we have not seen such a transparent leader as (Siddaramaiah) who has special concern towards the poor and the downtrodden. Even Mayavati did not implement such schemes to the poor. God will surely bless Siddaramaiah and his family for all his schemes for the poor people.” Poojary further said, “I know what hunger and poverty is, when I was small, I did not get proper food to eat and I would go to school in my shorts. When the CM announced the budget, I felt like carrying the CM on my shoulders.” He also urged the CM to sanction Rs 15 crores to the Ullal Dargah since Ullal Dargah is the second holy place in India after the Ajmer Dargah. “People from all walks of life come here. The prayers of those who pray here are answered.” He also said that when Mangaluru is being developed, the Ullal Dargah also needs to be developed as it will help improve our economy through tourism. “Ullal Dargah should be announced as a tourist destination so that people from around the world will come to visit the Dargah. Hotels, transport and others industries can benefit from this.”

Poojary further stressed and said, “Ullal Dargah is involved in a number of social service activities. They give education to the poor students through their institutions. Religious programmes are also held and they train the youth to be good citizens. People from all walks of life in and around Mangaluru attend the Uroos. We have the Subramanya Temple, Sri Dharmasthala, Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Kollur Temple andKudroli Gokarnanatheshwara temple as tourist destinations which are visited by people from all around the world.

Speaking on the occasion, CM Siddaramaiah said, “I am very pleased to lay the foundation stone for the district Congress Bhavan. I have instructed all ministers in-charge of the districts in the state to build Congress bhavans in their districts. As Ramanath Rai has assured to complete the construction work of the Congress Bhavan within a year, it will be completed on time.”

The CM further said, “In the last Lok Sabha elections, we were not successful. But the party workers should not be disheartened. Instead, all the party workers should go to every house with various schemes implemented by the Congress government and bring awareness among the people. The party workers are the backbone of the Congress and they should strengthen the party.”

“Giving false promises of bringing ‘Acche Din’, the BJP came to power. But so far, no ‘Ache Din’ have come in the country and they will never come under the BJP. The BJP has also fooled the people by assuring to bring back the black money from foreign banks and credit Rs 15 lakh into every persons bank account. Now, Modi does not talk about bringing back the black money from foreign banks. Instead, the BJP has forgotten their promise which was made in their election manifesto. The BJP is a party of liars. Moreover, they are shameless. In Dakshina Kannada, the BJP is busy in dividing the society in the name of religion. Many of the BJP leaders have gone to jail but after coming out from the jail, they have started to talk like Sathya Harishchandra. Some of their leaders are still in the jail.”

“In the present Union budget, there is no programme for the poor and the farmers. The Union government led by Modi is not concerned about the poor and the farmers. They also reduced the central government sponsored schemes and decreased the funds.” CM said, ” From May 1, all the BPL card holders will get free rice, earlier we used to charge Rs 1 per KG, but it will free from May 1. The APL card holders will also get the benefits”.

“The BJP said that they will make the state Congress free. I was thinking of not contesting in the next election but when the BJP has challenged to make Karnataka a Congress free state, I will take their challenge and surely contest the next election and bring victory to the Congress party. When BJP was in power in the state, they had made the garden city a garbage city.”

While concluding, the CM said that in the forthcoming Gram Panchayat elections, all the party workers should work unitedly for the success of the election and bring victory to the party.

Later, the Chief Minister proceeded towards the Ullal Dargah to take part in the Uroos.

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  1. Not only BJP even I have lost hopes that I will get Rs. 15 lakhs in my a/c. I thought I will retire and eat jackfruits peacefully in monsoon, now I have to eat peanuts.

  2. 1. Jawahar Lal Nehru – 16 years 286 days.
    2. Indira Gandhi – 15 years 91 days.
    3. Rajiv Gandhi – 5 years 32 days.
    4. Narasimha Rao – 4 years 11 months.
    5. Manmohan Singh – 10 years 4 days.
    In total 57 years these people could not get ” Achche din”. You cannot expect achche din in 10 months of Modi’s leadership.

    • Mr. Silva,

      Have you notices how our ‘Yumreeki’ RampaNNA was whining and whinging about Mr. Chidambaram’s mundu to ‘aapice’. Now his chaddi dost Venku Naidu wears every single day to ‘aapice’. But our Rampu is so silent. Any idea why?

  3. Rs 2 lak Crore from Spectrum auction………
    Rs 10 lak Crore from the Coal auction…….
    Rs 40,000 crore tax on FIIs’……….

    This money has reached government coffers.
    During the UPA government where did the same amount of money got deposited?

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