Mangaluru: Advocates Stage Protest against Government for Exempting Police Officers from Prosecution

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Mangaluru: Members of the Mangalore Bar Association staged a protest at the court premises on June 19, against the police officers who had assaulted advocates two years ago.

Speaking to, the president of the Mangalore Bar Association S P Chengappa said that advocates all over the state have protested so that the 54 police officers who had assaulted the advocates are prosecuted. “The state government, instead of upholding the law which is equal for all, has interfered and exempted the police officers from prosecution.” Advocates from all over the state staged a protest by abstaining from work.

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He further said, “For the welfare fund of the advocates, we are still getting only Rs 4 lakh, even after 30 to 40 years of service. The state bar council has recommended an increase in the welfare fund. But even after the recommendation, the funds have not been increased since 5 years. We demand the Advocates Welfare Fund to be increased.”

The state bar council also demanded the increase in stipend to young advocates who are getting only Rs 1000 per month. “The stipend should be increased from Rs 1000 to 3000 per month for three years to every advocate,” he said.

“If the demands will not be met, we will intensify our protest.” All the advocates abstained from the proceedings of the court for the day.

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