Mangaluru: AICC Member P V Mohan Resigns from MU Academic Council Post

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Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during the press meet held at Mangalore Press Club, P V Mohan-AICC member said , “Through the media I would like to inform that I have resigned as a member of the Mangalore University Academic Council. By taking this decision I would also not accept any post in the government, or any other civic administrations during the rule of the present government. I would offer my wholehearted support to the Congress party and take part in the activities to strengthen the party.”


” It’s not fair for me to accept such posts when there are other senior and experienced party workers who have in the party for decades. These people should get a chance, and the government should pick them and offer them posts. Without the tactics of lobbying the government should offer suitable posts to these hard working party members in the 800 government and other civic departments vacant posts that are available now” added Mohan.

He further said, ” I am looking forward for the post of district Congress president and that’s my dream. I am ready to work for the growth of the party, want to make it strong, imbibe more members. I am ready to contest in the elections, if the party decides to hold internal elections. I have faith in the members that they will support me and elect me to be their leader”.

Before exiting out of the dais, Mohan blasted at the organizers of the VHP’s Hindu Samajotsava saying “This Hindu Samajostava has been organized for the last 35 years, but have the organizers done for the Hindu community. These kind of Samajotsava’s call for communal disturbances. This is nothing but a political vote bank project where citizens are divided on communal basis. Educated Hindus will not support such events. I demand that the organizers/dignitaries sitting on the dais tomorrow at the Samjotsava give in white paper about what they have done for the betterment of the community. Let them tell whether problems such as dowry system, communal disturbances, superstitious practices etc etc have been stopped”.

When a reporter asked about congressman Vijay Vittalnath Shetty being associated with this event, Mohan replied, “Vijay Vittalnath Shetty does not belong to the Congress party, he is just a supporter of the party. His involvement in this Samajotsava is his will and wish-we can’t stop him. Congress party is not worried about it either”.

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