Mangaluru: Aid Without Religion Trust Distributes Books to School Children

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Mangaluru: The Aid Without Religion Trust (AWRT) organised a ‘Books for School Children’ programme and distributed umbrellas, books and bags, worth Rs 36,000 to the students of Gandhinagar Higher Primary School at the school premises here, on June 10.

Veena welcomed the gathering and introduced the guests. She also explained the importance of books to the students. She said, “Each paper in a book is important, so you have to use it wisely. Just because you are being given books, you should not spoil them and ask for more. You should use only as much as you want. And when you grow up, you should give back to other students like you.”

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AWRT Trustee Dr Narendra Nayak advising the students said that helping hands are better than praying lips. “I was also once in your place. We should learn to give back to the society with interest. Today, we will be distributing books to everyone. We will distribute bags and umbrellas only to the new students, because we have already distributed them last year.”

Robin, a student at the Williams College Massachusetts, was also present as a guest for the programme. Speaking to, she said, “This is a wonderful programme where children are given something that they need, without any discrimination. I came here on a whim and this is my first time in India. I came here to observe and I feel that you have to travel around, so that you can learn something that you don’t know. I learnt about this trust through Internet research, and am curious about humanist movements since they promote nonviolence and non-discrimination. I will be next going to Kerala, Chennai along with the trust.”

Later, snacks were distributed to all the children.

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  1. Prof Nayak has done wonderful service to the community over the years. He needs to get the recognition from the state government for this selfless act. I trust some one will nominate him for an award during Rajyosthava. He richly deserves it.

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