Mangaluru: Amidst Glamour and Dazzling Lights City’s Landmark ‘Maurishka Palace’ all set to Open with a Bang

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Mangaluru: Expect some dazzling surprises when the much awaited landmark of the City, the Twin Towers “Maurishka Palace” will be officially launched this evening, with spectacular fireworks and much more. Sources reveal that the opening ceremony would be the most spectacular event. From dazzling lights and colours, to sensational melodies; from musical performances to Bollywood dances – there will be a lot of pomp and pageantry to expect. And all this will be happening on Friday, 29 May 2015 at 6pm, when Dr M Veerappa Moily-former Union Minister will inaugurate the prestigious “Maurishka Palace”, along with other VIPs namely Minister Ramanath Rai, MLA J R Lobo, MP Nalin Kumar, MCC Mayor Jacintha Alfred and many others.
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Last night, peeping out of the window from my house which is just a stone’s throw away from “Maurishka Palace” I was taken into surprise to see spectacular and dazzling lights beautifying the skies- I couldn’t resist myself to get out of the house and walk towards the Twin Towers and click some pictures of the spectacular scenes- from lighting to stage decorations, sound, seating arrangement and much more. The place was all getting ready for the big event, with workers toiling hard to give the final touches to the big inaugural show.

Samson Serrao, Director of Waves Event Engineering, having offices in Mangaluru and Bengaluru, who is at the helm of the inaugural bash, said to me, ” We will be using 60 sharpy moving (light) heads, 1200 LED parcan, 25 city colors, 10,000 watts of sound power, 2 mins of spectacular fireworks display during the inaugural part of the event, display of ‘Maurishka Palace’ logo through visuals on the twin towers, thousands of LED lights and much more. As part of the cultural program, Raj Gopal and his Orchestra from Bengaluru, and local artists performing dance sequences will awe the 2000 plus guests that will grace the event. Nearly 100 of my crew members all on their toes to finish and get the ball rolling for the big event”. Out of curiosity I asked Samson, “How much are you charging for all these arrangements? “Rs 30 lakhs” was his reply. Wow!

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With the sharpy moving (lights) heads already in “action” last night, the whole area around Kadri Kambla and its vicinity was filled with brightness and colors. The rays of these sharpy heads could be seen as far as KS Rao Road- Citizens were wondering, ” Whether circus had come to town?”. Both the Twin Towers have been decked with buntings and flowers, nearly 2000 seats covered with yellow and white cloth are ready, dozens of food counters are set up, sound check was being done, stage arrangement ready to go-all this and much more speak in volumes, that the inaugural celebration will be a memorable one to the sheer surprise of the guests.

And, if you are all wondering where would be the parking for vehicles of guests attending the event, you need not worry, there is ample parking, as per Lancy D’souza-CEO of Land Trades, nearly 400 vehicles could be parked in the basement of “Maurishka Palace”, and also additional parking is provided at CV Nayak Hall ground, which is adjacent to the Twin Towers, where hundreds more vehicles can fit in. Also the guests need not worry of the rainy weather (in case), because the entire event arena has been covered with rain proof top.

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And since I have witnessed these two Towers come up from the day one of foundation stone laying, until the completion of the project today, I can’t wait to be at the ceremony this evening, with the invitation card personally handed over to me by Srinath Hebbar-the Managing Director of Land Trades. “Alfie-avare Neevu Kanditha Vagi functionige Bara Beku!” requested Mr Hebbar. ” It will be my pleasure. I will surely come, Sir!”.

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  1. Wow- simply dazzling! Great report and photos by Alfie—“Maurishka Palace indeed a Landmark of Mangaluru. Great projects by Shrinath Hebbar and Land Trades.

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