Mangaluru: Anita and Amanda win M&D Look-Alike Contest During 12th Anniversary Celebration

Did people mistake you and your daughter for sisters? Did you frequently hear “She looks exactly like you!”? Did strangers comment on the striking resemblance between you and your mini-me, etc etc- all these and much more comments came to a final end when the final decision were made made by the judges to pick the three winners among the three hundred plus entries that we received in our unique Mother-Daughter Look-Alike contest, that was organised as part of Mother’s Day.

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The Mothers and Daughters who entered our Mother-Daughter Look-Alike contest shared more than looks. They shared many of the same interests, and they just plain like hanged out with each other. We were surprised to receive a great response to the contest, where we and the judges has a tough time to narrowed the entries down to our top 25 finalists. And among these 25 finalists we chose the winners. The amazing twenty five finalists sure did make picking a winner tough on the panel of judges.They may looked the same in the face, but once they added matching shirts, pants, accessories, make-up, it really did become a mirror image! Anyways, finally it was all over, and the final three winners were picked.

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The mother and daughter bond influences our lives in ways we may not even realize. It is said that the relationship between a woman and her mother is so powerful, it affects everything from her health and self-esteem to all her other relationships. The mother-daughter relationship is the most powerful bond in the world, for better or for worse. It sets the stage for all other relationships. No other childhood experience is as compelling as a young girl’s relationship with her mother. Each of us takes in at a cellular level how our mother feels about being female, what she believes about her body, how she takes care of her health, and what she believes is possible in life.”

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How a woman sees herself, how she is in her adult relationships with partners, and how she mothers her own children, is profoundly influenced by her relationship with her own mother. For most, the mother-daughter relationship is ultimately fulfilling. Despite conflicts and complicated emotions, 80 to 90 per cent of women at midlife reported a good relationship with their mother. There is value in the mother-daughter tie because the two parties care for one another and share a strong investment in the family as a whole.

Mother-daughter relationships are complex and diverse. Some mothers and daughters are best friends. Others talk once a week. Some see each other weekly; others live in different states or countries. Some spar regularly. Some avoid conflict. Others talk through everything. And undoubtedly, there’s a hint of all these things in most relationships. And this contest which was held to commemorate “Mother’s Day 2015” which was today, 10 May was the most unique part of Mother’s Day celebrations.

Offering a customized card, flower baskets, a cute gift hamper or something for keepsakes’ on this day takes on a special meaning for all moms. So, a visit to some exotic place, a spa experience or a party with her friends and contemporaries look just like the perfect idea to indulge her. But here at we came up with an unique idea of holding a ‘Mother/Daughter Look-Alike Contest 2015′, so that mothers and daughters could share their resemblance between them. And we are extremely happy that so many entries poured in from Western, Gulf , India and off course, locally- and everyone was happy to enter the contest more than anticipating to win the prizes. Everyone felt that this contest was a perfect thing that we did to mark Mother’s Day.

The prize awarding ceremony was held at Hotel Taj Gateway on 10 May 2015 at 10 am, where we had two tulu movie actresses namely Chirashree Anchan and Sonal Monteiro as chief guests, and Peter Nirmal- General Manager of Taj Gateway as guest of honour. The welcome address and introduction of the guests was done by yours truly. A ex-student of Govinda Dasa PU College, Chirashree has starred in a Tulu movie titled “ Rambarooti”, produced by Opera Dream Movies Production, directed by Prajwal Kumar Attavar and co-starred with VJ Vineeth, which is slated for release in June – July 2015.


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Anita and Amanda Frank (I st Place Winner)


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Diana and Riyona Risha D’Silva (II nd Place Winner)

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Vijetha and  Trisha S Rai (III rd Place Winner)

Simultaneously, she has been working as a lead in another Kannada movie titled “Fakeera”, produced by Shree Kallahalli Shrinivas Production and directed by Manjunath Rao (Bangalore)- the movie is slated to release in December 2015. Two other movies (Kannada and Tulu) have been signed and are in progress and are estimated to be on screen by 2016. Speaking to me Chirashree said, “I have been born and brought up in Mangalore and belong to a middle class family. Since childhood I had an interest in the glamour world and would often do mock ramp walks and click photos of myself.”

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She further said, “My dream of being a part of the glamour world became a reality when I got an offer from the team of Rambarooti. My brother was against the idea of me acting in films, as he is a protective older brother but after a little persuasion he agreed. My mother has always been my support system and always motivated me to follow my dreams. While we were shooting for Rambarooti, I was fortunate to get another offer for Fakeera and shoot with the talented caste and crew. All dreams do come to true if you give it your 100% and I believe in working hard and giving my 100% to every project”.

Chirashree is the daughter of Late Madhusoodan N Anchan (Traffic Inspector (NMPT); Ex.General Secretary INTUC (NMPT); Ex. District Oragnizing Secretary (INTUC) D.K.; and Poornima Madhu (Gram Panchayat President (Haleangadi); General Secretary Mahila Congress (Mulki); District Organizing Secretary Mahila Congress (D.K.). Her brother Chiranjeevi Anchan (Graduate in Hotel Management from WGSHA, Manipal.; Ex.District Vice President ABVP Students Union. (D.K. & Udupi); District President Jaya Karnataka Students Union. (D.K.) Currently working at a Mumbai International Hotel).

Actress Sonal Monteiro, aged 20 is the daughter of Lida Monteiro, a housewife. Presently doing her studies in Clinical Psychology in Mumbai, Sonal had recently starred in the tulu movie ” Ekka Sakka” which is running in many theatres across DK. She had won the “Miss Beautiful Smile 2013” and the “Miss Konkan World 2015” awards. Since age 14, she had started her career in this industry being a model, has walked on many fashion show/modelling ramps and also been the model for “Wokhals Bridal Boutique”. She featured in Konkani video album “Anjea Sarkhen Chedu” produced by by Ryan D’Souza, son of renowned Konkani singer late Jerome D’Souza. In 2015 she worked for another Tulu movie “Jai Tulunad” which will soon hit the big screen- and very soon she will be working for a Telugu and a Hindi movie.

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Peter Nirmal -general manager of Hotel Taj Gateway has been very closely associated with in various  projects, having served as GM in many places across India, he has been a GM here at the Taj for the last three years. To all these three guests I extend my heartfelt thanks. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to other sponsors who helped us in making this contest a successful one- they are namely- Carl Correa and Michael Saldanha ( Crave Bakes and Desserts), Peter Nirmal- (GM_Hotel Taj gateway), Shyam Prasad- (GM- Hotel Moti Mahal), Mercy (Mercy Beauty parlour), Soni D’Lima ( Soni Beauty parlor), Winnie ( Le Femme Beauty Parlor), Bryan Vas ( Vas Bakery- Bendore), Terrence D’Souza- AR D’Souza and Sons), and Mukund Kamath- (Ideal Ice Cream).

The winners in the Mother-Daughter Look- Alike contest are: Anita (Mom) and Amanda (Daughter) Frank -Ist Place); Diana (Mom) and Riyona Risha (Daughter) D’Silva-II nd place (Riyona was not present to accept the prize, since she had to answer a entrance test); and Vijetha (Mom) and Trisha (Daughter) -III rd place- they were all awarded trophies and gift vouchers by the chief guests. After accepting the prize, Anita Frank Frank addressing the gathering said, “Daughters are life and light of a mother. The relationship between mother and daughter looks simple but it isn’t.. it is indeed complex. 21 August, 2001 was  the most happiest day of  my life and that was the day my little girl who is grown up to be a lovely pretty teenager was born.. my daughter Amanda is a gift to me and to our family…serene as she looks…resource of all talents ..a good athlete , good singer, good at drawing , with excellent memory , dancer and studies too… thoughtful and lovely child and very careful specially towards her younger sister who is nine years old.

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mangaloreandotcom_anni versary_20150510-023

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mangaloreandotcom_anni versary_20150510-017

“I am proud of my daughter for when I see today’s teenagers, my Mandy is a gem.. sincere and very understanding knows to make a choice between right and wrong … I am not saying all these things because she is my daughter but she truly deserves all that I said and much more….Our relationship is little difficult to explain I must say, we look alike only in physic but by nature we are opposite poles spite of that we share a beautiful and intimate relationship she is very close to my heart. I learn a lot many things form her and I can trust her a lot. I Thank God for giving me such adorable daughters ” added Anita.

Diana D’Silva accepting the prize said, “The mother-daughter relationship is the most powerful bond in the world, for better or for worse. It sets the stage for all other relationships. The relationship between mothers and daughters is probably both the most fruitful and the most fraught a woman ever has. It’s the source of the deepest love and sometimes deepest anger, we ever experience. I feel proud of my daughter who has given me so much happiness and joy. I thank for this unique contest- it means very special to me and my daughter” . Vijetha winning the prize said, “Mother’s day celebrates the special bond between mother and child.. What better way to celebrate this day with my daughter than to win a prize together.. This would be memorable for both of us “.

Today was also a very memorable day for us all at for two reasons, today is our website’s 12th anniversary, and also the 25th Wedding Anniversary of proprietors, Violet and Joseph Pereira. To mark this joyous occasion two cakes were cut by Violet and Joseph. Also to mark this double occasions, financial contributions were made by Violet to Corrine Rasquinha-founder of White Doves, a NGO, to Sisters of Jeevadan- a NGO who takes care of HIV inmates, to Dayakar Bangera’s wife, who had lost his house roof during storms; and also Violet and Joseph visited Highland Hospital and presented a cheque for medical expenses of Shakira (10-year-old), who has been hospitalized since three months due to a freak accident.

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It was indeed a kind gesture and thoughtfulness of Violet and Joseph to think and help the needy, while celebrating two joyous occasions. Truth is, God helps all of those who ask…even if it isn’t in quite the way we are expecting help. Whatever we do to serve others around us – even through small acts of kindness – may not impact the world as a whole, yet it can make a positive impact on one more person. On their world. In their life. Isn’t that important? It is also doing The Lord’s work when we serve others. To help other people in whatever way we can is the calling of each and every one of us. Reaching out and serving other people is the greatest act of kindness and love. It’s the greatest example that Jesus Christ gave to us through His ministry on Earth. So, while it may be true that The Lord helps those who help themselves, He truly and abundantly blesses those who help others. May God bless this couple for their kind deeds.

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mangaloreandotcom_anni versary_20150510-028mangaloreandotcom_anni versary_20150510-029mangaloreandotcom_anni versary_20150510-032

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Walter D’Souza, president of Karnataka Cashew Manufacturers Association, who was also a guest of honour wished all success. Everyone enjoyed this memorable “Mother’s Day” celebration with a sumptuous breakfast sponsored by Hotel Taj Gateway. My sincere thanks to the judges namely- Anand G- MD of Anand G Fashions-Mumbai, Mercy of Mercy Beauty parlour, Corrine Rasquinha-White Doves and Peter Nirmal- GM- Taj Gateway. Thanks a million to everyone who made this unique contest a successful one. Expect more contests from in the nearest future- at we make things happen and we make a difference!

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Dr.Anand &Geeta Pereira

Congrats Anita and Amanda, You sure look like Sisters. The resemblance is simply Amazing. May you win many more awards in the future too. Congrats to all the other winners too.


Congratulations to all the winners.

The two nuns look very much alike. Why didn’t they get the prize?

Every mother loves to hear that her daughter looks like her sister. Because the mother so loves to hear that she looks as young as her daughter.

But no daughter wants to hear that her mother looks like her sister. Because the daughter does not want people to think she looks as old as her mother.

Good project by to commemorate “Mother’s Day”–Kudos to alphy for a job well done and also a elaborate report on the event. I bet you made most of the Mothers and their daughters happy.

Mohan Frank

Congratulations to Anita & AMANDA & also all the other winners & participents in this competition .Thanks to for organising such a wonderful event to enculcate a healthy mother daughter relationship.Mothers are always special & by default most of the good virtues & traits are captured by the daughters instantly because of the special bond & attachment .

Nelson Lewis

Mr. Mohan Frank,

Are you related to a gentleman called Isaac Frank? I have lost touch with him decades ago and have been wanting to communicate with him. If you are related to him or know him in any way, please tell him to get in touch with me. My email is:


Congrats winners

Nice and glamorous- Belated happy mother’s day wishes to all the Mothers who participated in the contest- Wish I had learnt about the contest, I too would have entered the contest. Guess I missed to see the advt.

Anyways compliments to for organizing such a contest, which might have made every mothers day a memorable one on Mother’s Day. Kudos and great job.


Congratulations to the winners ..Anita and little Mandy! You both look like sisters

Nelson Rodrigues

Congratulations to all the winners of this contest. Congratulations Violet & Joseph Pereira on your 25th wedding anniversary.

Nelson Lewis

Mr. Nelson Rodrigues,

Are you the same Nelson Rodrigues who was in Oman, later Bahrain and then emigrated to the U.S.A. and are presently somewhere in California? If you are the same man, then how are you my friend? How are Nympha and Nicole? Well, Nicole must have grown up quite a bit and pursuing her higher education.

Nelson Lewis

Indeed a nice way to mark Mother’s Day–like every daughter wants to follow in their Mother’s footsteps, same time thet try to imitate and look like their mothers.

Congrats to the lucky winners- there are quite a few others look-alike- but not everyone can win- SADLY ONLY THREE CAN! Good judging by the judges.

I assume the first prize winners are related to the Franks who resided for many years near Light House /St Aloysius. I am an ex-Aloysian and I knew few people among these Franks.

Anyways, congratulations to Anita and Amanda Frank, and also to 2 and 3 place winners. You all look great-have fun. belated happy mother’s day greetings.

Sister Act III–Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg will be stunned to look at these two nuns –did they also take part in the contest–just kidding! Seems like it was a fun contest and a grand celebration–everyone seems to be smiling and happy. Lucky dude, alphy between two local babes/actresses?

Compliments to all.

Janet suares

Congrats Anita and Amenda and all other winners.

jerardin dsouza

Truly an Emotional Occasion , Where the Very Participation itself is a VICTORY. GREAT IDEA By The ”Suited & Booted” STAR Dear Alfie. Every Mother Daughter Would Be THRILLED By this Participation. MOTHER–Am Going through a Personal Trauma, So it touches a chord. Yet , Felt I Should Congratulate Dear Violet & Joseph for Braving the Challenges of Shining Through for 12 Long Years. CONGRATS Indeed. Dear Alfie, has Always added Value to, by his Unique & Comprehensive Style of Presentation. ”Aadu Muttadha Gida illa & There is NO Topic Alfie doesnt Touch”. From City Traffic to Childrens Adventure”… Read more »

Congratulations to Anita/Amanda and Diana/Riyona–the I and 2 place winners in Mother/daughter look-Alike contest. I feel proud that Anita/amanda are our parent/teacher; and Diana/Riyona are our parent/ex-student at Mount Carmel Central school-Mary Hill.

great organizing. Good report-well done alfie and

Best wishes from : Sr Melissa AC- Principal-Mount Carmel Central school

Who ever thought of having this unique contest to mark Mother’s day- I salute that person and his idea. Mother’s Day is a big thing here in USA- not that you should love your mom only on Mother’s Day- but all year long. I know in India, no matter if there Mother’s day or nor, children love and respect their mothers 365 days a year. Looking at the pics I can say this contest and celebration to mark it was a fun and frolic one, with a bash. To all of you who were behind this event, my sincere compliments… Read more »

This is truly inspiring that the distributed aid to women on Women’s day. This is called women empowerment.

It is indeed a reason for all of us to celebrate. Just look at the sheer dedication and hard work put in by people to look alike. Kudos to all the contestants. We salute you. This is how we develop as a country. Thank you.

Jaya D'Souza

Congratulations Anita and Amanda….You both look great !! Love you both….

Anoop D'Souza

Congratulations Anita and Amanda, God Bless you both. Best wishes from Anoop & Family. Vogga/Bantwal/Kuwait