Mangaluru: Appointed Officers Should Work for the Development of the City – Ramanath Rai

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Mangaluru: After attending a programme “Suggi Huggi” at Shre Ramakrishna Pre University College, District Minister In-charge B Ramanath Rai addressed the mediapersons at the College Premises, Bunts Hostel here on June 12.

When the mediapersons asked about the rumours of reshuffling of the cabinet after the BBMP polls, Rai said, “It is common to have a discussion in the cabinet. As per my knowledge, the Siddaramaiah government is very stable. The CM takes everyone into confidence before taking any decision. This is my third term in the ministry and the Siddaramaiah government is the best government I have ever seen.”

When asked about the transfer of the Commissioner of Mangalore City Corporation, Rai said, “I am elected by the people of the DK District and it is my duty to carry out the development work in the district. To look after all the development work, the government is appointing an officer. When the appointed officer carries out the development work efficiently, the ministers are appreciated by the people. When any officer delays the development work, we have to take the initiative and continue the work to avoid confusion among the people. Already, many people think that the ministers are not taking interest in the development work of the city, but they fail to understand why there is the delay in work.”

“When there is a delay in work and we get complaints. Being a District Minister In-charge, my intention is to carry out the development work in the city. Through MCC, I need to do a lot of development work. Commissioners come to Mangalore City Corporation and go, and this is common for such posts. We have to take action against those who are causing the delay in the development work. Commissioners who came to DK district such as Ponnuraj and Bharatlal Meena are still remembered by the people of DK, for their good work and the transparency in carrying out the development work. I am not a builder or a person to benefit by transferring or retaining any officers.”

“When the BJP was in power, many officers had been transferred. I am working with transparency and I want the city to be developed. Many people do not wish the city to develop. The opposition blames the government for transferring the Commissioner. The appointed officers should be focused in the development of the district. Korlapati has been now given a responsible post. She has been appointed as the CEO of the ZP for Vijayapura,” he said.

When asked about the Kankanady Rural Police Station which is operating in a rice storage godown, Rai said, “I don’t have any information about the Kankanady Rural Police Station. Without it, I do not want to comment on the topic.”

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