Mangaluru: Autos off Road for Third Day – RTA Warns of permitting Rural Autos in City

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Mangaluru: The auto drivers protest has continued for the third day as the auto drivers / owners are not ready to compromise on the minimum fare issue.

On January 29, once again the RTA held a meeting with the auto rickshaw owners and drivers and requested to reduce the minimum fare to Rs 20 but the talks failed as the drivers and owners were not ready to reduced the fare to Rs 20.

At the same time the Regional Transport Authority did not budge on their decision of the minimum fare Rs 20  which was announced on January 12. The RTA has also warned the auto drivers / owners not to charge the minimum fare more than Rs 20. The RTA has warned that the district Magistrates order of not allowing Rural autos to operate in the city will be withdrawn and those autos will be allowed to operate if the protest will not be withdrawn which is inconvenience to the public.

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