Mangaluru: Ban Export of Beef, Not Just Domestic Consumption – Janardhan Poojary

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Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary held a press meet at the District Congress Office here, on 12 September.

Addressing the mediapersons, Poojary said that the BJP has banned meat consumption for some days in 4 states – Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra – for the upcoming Jain festival of Paryushan. He said that this was aimed to appease the Jain community. “They have targeted the Jain community. Jains are peace lovers, they have nowhere mentioned to ban meat but some people are trying to create unnecessary communal tensions. You say Muslims have Pakistan, which country Jains have? Don’t you know that the country needs unity,” he said referring to those who are trying to create disharmony. “On one side, they are targeting the minorities and on the other, they are creating communal violence. Is the country not important to you? When 125 crore people are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country, why does the BJP not have concern towards all the citizens of the country?”


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On one hand, Modi in his ‘Mann-ki-baat’ tells that the people of the country should work together for the development and growth of the country. “Are the BJP leaders truly patriots? Do they actually have any love for their country?” he questioned. He also said that Gujarat is one of the states with the highest beef production in the country. “How can it become the highest producer without slaughtering cattle? Why is Modi not banning the export of beef? He is fine with exporting beef to other countries for consumption, but it is only Indians who should not be allowed to consume it. No political party, be it BJP or Congress, has the right to decide what the citizens should or should not eat; it is their choice.”

“Before elections, Modi blamed Congress for everything but what did he do after coming to power? The rupee has taken a fall against the dollar; today, one dollar is sixty-six rupees. The rupee was in a similar position during the rule of Chandrashekar and V P Singh, and it was Narashimha Rao and Manmohan Singh who brought us out of that situation then.”

He also said that the BJP has organized ‘Raita Chaitanya Yatre’ over farmer suicides, only to spread lies. “There is a limit for lies. The Union power minister said there is enough power in the country, and that the Karnataka state government did not ask for provision of power. D K Shivakumar has said that he asked to provide 1500 MW of power to Karnataka but the union government did not provide electricity. More than 135 taluks have been affected by drought and the state is facing power crisis. Why are the MPs from Karnataka not raising their voice in the center? If there is no drought, tell there is no drought; what kind of yatre is it? We have 2 former CMs from the state at the centre; why are they not doing anything? There is no power for Ganeshotsava. This time during Dasara, we will have prayers for rain through the Brahmakalashotsava. The CM should take the initiative to provide power to the district during Ganeshotsava and Dasara.”

Speaking on the protests against the Yettinahole project, he said that it would be good if the protest will go on peacefully without any disturbance or inconvenience to the people. He also said that the former CMs of Karnataka should join the protest because they are the proponents of the project. “Everyone commits mistakes, they have to apologize. Why can’t Sadananda Gowda and Moily apologize to the people of the district for their mistake?”

Commenting on the Health and Family Welfare Minister U T Khader’s statement, on the public discussion on Yettinahole project scheduled for 19 September, that he would have the Major Irrigation minister and other experts take part in it, he said that Khader has been doing a good job at his post and has a good future ahead of him. “But he should think before he makes statements like this. He says that he will get the Irrigation minister and experts to take part in the discussion; but what is the use of including them if the project cannot be stopped irrespective of the discussion?”

When asked about his stand in Yettinahole project, he said, “People of this district do not want me to take part in the Yettinahole project protest. When I contested they did not vote for me, they made me to sit at home.”

Former Mayor Mahabala Marla, Deputy Mayor Purushotham,  Harikrishna Bantwal, Arun Coelho and others were also present.

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    • Padubidri Shetty,who has gone bonkers the moment Poojari told the Hindus that RSS and BJP should ban export of beef, condemns Poojari for no fault. India is the world’s largest exporter of beef. Modi wants the foreign exchange earnings by selling beef and at the same time he poses to be the champion of prohibition of cow slaughter!



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