Mangaluru: Besant Women’s College NSS and Lady Hill Auto Drivers Group observe ‘Vanamahotsava’

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Mangaluru: It is really frightening? And is very difficult to achieve. On one side we are promoting afforestation and on the other side we are giving environment clearance for multinational companies to undertake industrial projects and residential apartments. More over the population is increasing at an alarming rate and climate is changing rapidly. Hence there is need to find a way out to change this existing trend. Indeed at this juncture there is urgent need to bring back the lost trees/greenery. The ideal way to promote green environment is the “festival of tree planting- “Vanamahotsava”.

This movement was initiated in the year 1950 by India’s Union Minister for Agriculture, Dr. K M Munshi as a crusade to save mother earth. During this event millions of trees are planted with energetic participation of the locals and various agencies. It is annual and is to be celebrated during the month of July. Monsoon is there during July and is special month for trees and tree planting. The main objective of the festival is to inculcate tree consciousness and love of trees among the people and popularize the planting and tending of trees in farms, villages, schools, municipal and public lands for their aesthetic, economic and protective needs. And to observe “Vanamahotsava”, the volunteers of National Service Scheme (NSS) of Besant Women’s College, and the members of Lady Hill Auto-drivers Association engaged themselves in tree planting at various spots from MCC -Lalbagh area up to Lady Hill circle.

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The “Vanamahotsava” was inaugurated by MLA Moideen Bava by planting a sapling in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue, opposite to Mangaluru City Corporation building, who was also joined by MCC Mayor Jacintha Alfred, Devanand Pai- Correspondent of Besant Women’s College (BWC), Sudha K- Principal-BWC, Ravi Prabha- Assistant Programme officer-NSS, BWC; Chandrashekar-President of Lady Hill Auto-drivers Association, Ganesh Pai- HOD of History, BWC; Smitha Shenoy-HOD of Journalism, BWC; and Jayashree-NSS Officer/HOD of Commerce, BWC.

Addressing the gathering, MLA Moideen Bava said, ” We all know that due to infrastructure lots of trees are axed down and so the greenery is lost. This is a good step taken by all you volunteers to bring awareness about tree planting and green environment. The state forest department is supplying free seedlings to whoever wishes to grow trees. Residents of large housing flats can also grow small plants. The department has decided to plant saplings in government schools, temple sites and various other vacant places. Growing trees is good for environment-we can breathe clean air. We are taking all steps to augment the green cover. My compliments to these two organizations for taking up the initiative in observing “Vanamahotsava” in the city”.

63 NSS volunteers of BWC, and a dozen members of Auto-drivers Association planted 25 plants comprising of Kokum, Hibiscus, Badam, and many other varieties of saplings. The auto-drivers association was kind enough to provide lunch for all the volunteers after hectic hours of tree planting. Let’s all support “Green Environment”.

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