Mangaluru: Beware! CCTVs to Nail Traffic Rule Violators Red-Handed

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Mangaluru: Yes, we all know that the traffic in Mangaluru is horrific. Apart from that the roads here are narrow and vehicular population exploding. But the problem is also us- the motorists among us refuse to follow traffic rules, smug in the knowledge that the chances of getting caught are minimal. But finally, the traffic Police department officials have decided to check this assuredness, to create a deterrent against violations by installing CCTV cameras at various prime spots in the city that will detect traffic offenders and help the understaffed police penalise them. Many metropolises around the world have such a system. To bring order to Mangaluru’s choked roads, the traffic police department have at last got one too-that’s great news to this congested traffic city.


Beware violators of traffic rules! CCTV cameras installed at few important locations of the city are keeping a hawk’s eye on you. And the traffic police have started dispatching challans to those who have been captured by these CCTVs violating traffic rules. Installation of the advanced CCTVs at key traffic intersections in the city has come in handy for law enforcers in detecting vehicles involved in traffic violations without any human intervention and during the last five days, nearly 30 cases have been registered against traffic rules violators based on the CCTV footage.


Addressing the media persons on Sunday, 28 June 2015, Commissioner of police, S Murugan said “Watchful eye was being kept on traffic violators for double parking, dangerous parking obstructing the smooth flow of traffic, moving on a two-wheeler without wearing helmet, disobeying traffic signal lights, over-speeding, dangerous riding and rash and negligent driving. 55 CCTV cameras have already been installed within the City limits, and we intend to install 60 more CCTVs in the nearest future, so we can check on motorists breaking traffic laws. Based on the footage of CCTV footage which will serve as an evidence, suitable action will taken against the traffic rule offenders. Scenes of road rages, which will be buttressed by evidence, will be stored in the backup”.


Murugan also said, “During 2014, nearly 1,05,000 cases for traffic rule violations were registered, and a fine of Rs 1.8 crore had been collected. This year, till now, already 55,000 cases have been registered, and amount of Rs 60 lac in fines has been collected. Our main intention is to bring an awareness among the motorists to follow the traffic rules, thereby avoid themselves getting into trouble and being penalized with huge fines.”

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