Mangaluru: Bike Falls into River at Maravoor, Rider Dies

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Update: The deceased has been identified as Lokesh Gowda (35), a resident of Bajpe and a tailor by profession. maravoor-tailor-20150605 maravoor-tailor-20150605-001 maravoor-tailor-20150605-002 maravoor-tailor-20150605-003 maravoor-tailor-20150605-004 maravoor-tailor-20150605-005 maravoor-tailor-20150605-006 maravoor-tailor-20150605-007 maravoor-tailor-20150605-008 maravoor-tailor-20150605-009 maravoor-tailor-20150605-010 maravoor-tailor-20150605-011 maravoor-tailor-20150605-012 maravoor-tailor-20150605-013 maravoor-tailor-20150605-014 maravoor-tailor-20150605-015 maravoor-tailor-20150605-016 maravoor-tailor-20150605-017 maravoor-tailor-20150605-018 maravoor-tailor-20150605-019 maravoor-tailor-20150605-020 maravoor-tailor-20150605-021 maravoor-tailor-20150605-022


Mangaluru: A bike fell into the river from the bridge at Maravoor here, on June 5.

The bike was found in the Maravoor river and the rider’s body was found at a distance from the river. The identity of the rider is yet to be ascertained.

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It is suspected that the vehicle may have fallen into the river in the night on June 4 and the body was washed ashore this morning.
The Bajpe police have reached the spot, and attempts have been made to lift the bike from the river.

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