Mangaluru: Bondel Laughter Club Laughs off at New Venue

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Mangaluru: Bondel Laughter Club laughed off to a fresh start at a new venue – the yet to be named ten-acre virgin maidan in the midst of the government housing colony at Bondel — on April 4, 2015.. Inaugurating and addressing the participants, Dr Ramachandra Rao, a leading local family physician, said that the new venue should give fresh impetus to the Laughter Club. He said that he has closely followed the progress and setbacks of this club which has been nomadic, shifting from place to place, and hoped that it will now be firmly rooted on this maidan.

Dr Ramachandra said that John Monteiro, the founder-promoter of Bondel Laughter Club, has been involved in laughter clubs for the last 25 years – first in Mumbai and for the last 12 years in Bondel. He has very committed associates who have been anchoring the sessions in his absence. In this club there are no officials; anybody can become the anchor for any day. There is no membership register or fees.

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Continuing, Dr Ramachandra said: “Laughter has many benefits in terms of mental and physical health. That is why the laughter club culture is fast expanding all over the world. I invite you take advantage of Bondel Laughter Club’s daily sessions and promote your well-being. They say that laughter is the best medicine. With so many of you attending this laughter club session and more joining in the coming days, this laughter club may reduce my patients. Even so, I have great pleasure in inaugurating this new venue and wishing Bondel Laughter Club the very best.”

Welcoming the participants, John Monteiro said that the maidans where the Bondel Laughter Club functioned shrank through encroachments or were acquired by builders. This 10-acre maidan in the midst of the Government Housing Colony has been lying waste for the last several years. He said that currently the maiden is being eyed for a cricket stadium. The way things have been going, this 120-crore public asset is going to be undeveloped for many years to come. However, he said, efforts would be made to have a 200-standee Laughter dome so that the Club can function even during monsoons.

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