Mangaluru : Cakes,Pastries and Bread Galore! Pandhal Cake Shop by CAFS Opens in City

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Mangaluru : You know how people have a sweet tooth? Mine’s a chocolate one. Pastries are synonymous to chocolates to me. I was really overwhelmed when I heard that a unique cake shack was opening in town, which would serve varieties of cakes, pastries and wide array of breads, and I couldn’t wait to be there on their opening day. And to be honest with you all, this new and unique Cake shop in town will surely satiate your pastry, cakes and bread cravings.Pardon my bias towards chocolaty pastries but assure you won’t have regrets! Now before you read, if you are lazing at home, you may want to get ready to leave out while reading this, because at the end of the read you’re gonna wanna eat! And the place to go to satisfy your cravings and sweet-tooth is ” Pandhal Cake shop”, located Bianca Building, Bejai Main Road-Mangaluru.

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“Pandhal Cake Shop” – a unit of Casino Air Caterers and Flight Services (CAFS)-Kenjar, Mangaluru, the high profile boutique Cake shop, with international standard products of bread, cakes and pastries opened on Monday, 25 May 2015. If you’re in Mangaluru and your sweet tooth craves, henceforth your wisdom tooth will say be wise and head on to “Pandhal Cake Shop’. This new Cake and Bread corner is way up in the league-they serve not just ice cakes/pastries/cup cakes/cookies/wide variety of bread but creations that could only come from very passionate pastry chefs. Their pastries, bread and cakes are unique; this is your perfect destination when you want to have a 5-star experience for just pastries and cakes.

The Cake shop was inaugurated by cutting the ribbon by SM Arshad-Managing Director of Motisham Complexes Pvt Ltd, along with other dignitaries namely- George Dominic- Managing Director-of CAFS and CGH Earth (Pioneers in In-Flight Catering and renowned Tourism brand in South India), Mridula Dominic-daughter of George Dominic and director of the same firm, VB Rajan- Chief Operating Officer-CAFS, Mangaluru, C Gunasekaran- CAFS Corporate Chef, and Francis Aranha-Manager, CAFS, Mangaluru. Visiting guests were treated with samples of sweets, pastries and cakes. The first customer to do the business and bless this new cake shop with his kind words of wisdom was George Thomas, a close family friend of the owners.

Speaking to, MD George Dominic said, ” We were planning to open this exclusive cake and bread shop from a long time in this city. Our dreams have finally come true with this addition of yet another cake shop to our list of Pandhal Cake shops elsewhere. The Pandhal Cake shop offers daily freshly baked breads, cakes and pastries meticulously prepared by our Master chefs at our CAFS facility at Kenjar, Mangaluru, under hygienic and secure environment. The cake shop is specialized in wide array of artisan European breads and authentic gateaux/desserts which is introduced in the city for the first time. Besides daily fresh bakes, the cake shop offers personalized gifts for festivals, corporate gifting and giveaways to mark anniversaries, launches and other important occasions. I request all cake and pastry lovers to patronize our shop, and experience all the goodness “Pandhal cake shop” has to offer”.

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As they say that “Bakers make the world smell better”- for that matter that CAFS Corporate Chef C Gunasekaran who has quite a few years of experience in baking has trained the local chefs, where all pastries, bread and cakes are prepared at CAFS-Kenjar using latest baking and finishing equipment. They use only fresh ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavors. Fresh donuts are also made daily, and they also take special orders for cakes designs of your choice. One of the pastry to try is Red Velvet Forest- This Is the Best Dessert Ever! The name may deceive you for something usual, don’t overlook it. There’s something about this creation – like the classics with a twist; like rain in draught. The first spoon of this in your mouth is a Eureka moment; a realization of purpose and belonging. It defines ‘absolute content’.

The “Pandhal Cake shop” has vast variety of desserts and an excellent ambiance- the ambiance is exciting for a chocolate lover, or for that matter, any flavor lover, and cozy comfy for any person! The top pastries that will add to your confusion of what to pick are the Death by Chocolate, Dutch Apple Tart, Mango Torte, M&M Chocolate Torte, Tiramisu, Key Lime Pastry, Chocolate Espresso Cake, Milky Way torte, Irish Roll, and much more. And among cakes, try the – Almond cake, Carrot Pineapple cake, Marble cake, Banana walnut cake, etc.

For those of you who do not have a specific food allergy, good news – ‘Pandhal’s baked goods taste awesome enough for you too. They don’t believe in holding back when it comes to desserts, so when you’re eating a healthier version of your favorite treats, you can indulge more often! They also want to keep the freshness of the season, so check out their menu often for updates and new items. Also check out which awesome ingredients they use and find some mouth watering nutritious alternatives. And for those of you looking for your favorite bread, Pandhal Cake shop carries a wide array of bread, which you may not find it anywhere else- like Zucchini bread, Corn bread, Oats bread, Multi grain streak bread, Sun-dried Foccacia bread, 5-grain levain bread, bread/cheese sticks, olive loaf, Sourdough bread etc etc

Who would have thought a cup of milk, one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs, and a spoonful of soda, mixed together and baked in earthen pots would one day become a rage? By the time Carrie Bradshaw bit into a ‘sexy’ meringue cupcake in the popular American TV soap “Sex and the City”, the humble cupcake had morphed into frosted fondants; a dessert sensation; a symbol of independence for a single woman who could now go out and buy exquisitely decorated cupcakes all for herself and not feel guilty about it. After all, it wasn’t a whole cake, just a teeny-tiny cupcake.

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“Stressed spelled backwards is ‘Desserts’- So eat more cupcakes”! Oh yeah- Pandhal Cake shop also has quite a variety of cupcakes to satisfy your craving for cupcakes. “Gone are the days of clichéd chocolates and cards… teenagers and college goers prefer cupcakes for occasions like birthday, parties and get-together.” But why? There’s something delectably chic and contemporary about these little treats. To the pimply teenagers its “cuteness” is appealing; to the adolescent lovers it has the “chochweet” effect; for a single woman it’s a symbol of “self-love”; to a man in love it’s one way of showing he’s “with it” and to many it’s simply, “OMG, it’s a cupcake… and… oh, so gorge-looking”. So try a cupcake at ‘Pandhal’ today.

“A party without a cake is just a meeting”- is a saying quite true, and its written on the blackboard at “Pandhal”- So if you are looking for a wide variety of cakes to suit any occasions, “Pandhal’ can custom-make it for you. That’s not all! With a technique that’s just based on a lot of intuition and understanding of the chemistry that goes into a cake mix or recipe, ‘Pandhal’s creations will surely be popular in this coastal town soon. And for the strictly vegetarians, they even have egg-less cakes-they also takes orders for special designs.

At ‘Pandhal’ they are delighted to bring you cup-cakes and cakes that are home baked and handcrafted from scratch and from the finest ingredients with no premixes, additives or preservatives. All toppings and fillings are also made by them. ‘Pandhal’ believes that a cake isn’t memorable unless it is delicious to taste and gorgeous to look at. They use only the freshest and finest ingredients available. Not only do the cakes they make have to look great, they must taste terrific as well. You can taste the difference in quality at ‘Pandhal Cake Shop”.Elegant customized designer cakes with great taste and an affordable price for all your fun, funky, memorable and special events!

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Francis Aranha, Manager at CAFS, Mangaluru says, ” Pandhal cake Shop guarantees freshness-they get a batch of goodies each morning with the day’s freshly prepared products. The finest ingredients put together in the most hygienic conditions at our central kitchen ensure we achieve consistent quality and flavour, every time. Our menu keeps changing so make sure you check back to see whats new in our menu and on the shelves. In an effort to reduce the impact of harmful trans-fats, Pandhal Cake Shop has introduced the Zero Trans-fat Matured Plum Cakes. A healthy substitute to the classic matured plum, the zero trans-fat version has all the goodness and none of the trans-fat! Pandhal Cake Shop plans to slowly eliminate trans-fatty ingredients from its everyday menu and encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating habits”.

So, as of today, if you are really craving for your favorite Cake, Pastry or Bread-then plan on visiting “Pandhal Cake Shop” where your search will be complete at one-stop-Cake & Bake Shop. Let’s Eat Cake!
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  1. Glad to hear that a cake shop has open in our locality- Bejai is a growing area, and we need more shops who deal with different items so that we dont have to travel in the congested downtown area.

  2. Hearty Congrats to Pandhal Cake Shop at Bejai Main Road. It’s a good location. God bless the new Venture.

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