Mangaluru: CDA Chairman Nivedith Alva Launches Sailing Boat ‘Crazy Diamond’ at Panambur

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Mangaluru: The Seabird Mark 3 HF “Crazy Diamond”, a day-cruising sailboat, was launched at the Panambur beach here, on April 8.

The sailing boat Crazy Diamond was launched by the chairman of the Coastal Development Authority, Nivedith Alva.

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The SEABIRD is a 21 foot gaff rigged boat. The maximum speed of the vessel is 5 knots under sail. It contains an outboard motor with a 10 HP engine, to be used only in case of emergency. It has a rated load capacity of 500 kg, i.e., not more than 6 people including crew (max 2). It comes fitted with modern fittings, machined galvanized centerboard, an improved aluminum alloy 7075 T6 gaff, aluminum alloy 6063 T6 boom and imported Marlow sheets to make sail handling easier. The vessel was built by XS Marines, costing around Rs 12-13 lakhs.

Addressing the gathering, Nivedith said that this is a big development in Mangaluru. “More importantly in Karnataka, we have a number of beaches and a long sea coast but lack infrastructure. As a chairman, I am working on it, we need to put our brains together and bring new development in Uttar Kannada, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. We have to put a lot of efforts to bring in local stake holders to grow in something new.” He congratulated Mahesh Kamath for launching the sailing boat at the Panambur beach and said that this is the first sailing boat which has been launched in Panambur beach and also in Karnataka.

Boat owner Mahesh Kamath addressing the mediapersons said, “Sailing is not easy, it requires passion. It should not be done on impulse or if you have the money to buy a boat. You should also take the time to know everything possible about sailing including the emergency procedures, etc. The vessel will be moored at Sultan Bathery and is expected to see a fair amount of tourism activity. If possible, I want to take this vessel to the Lakshwadeep islands and come back,” he said.

Jeevan Saldanha, Rammohan Pai Maroor and Yathish Baikampady were also present. For the first 10 days, Mahesh has offered free ride on Crazy Diamond for anyone who is interested.

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