Mangaluru: Chain-snatching Incidents Continue in City – Woman Loses Gold Worth Rs 4.80 Lakh

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Mangaluru: In spite of frequent media reports and cautions issued, some women seem to continue wearing heavy gold while walking in lonely places, esp., in the nights.

The police cannot be everywhere and hence precaution is more essential than protection. In yet another case in the city, a woman lost an expensive gold chain to the greedy grabbers on Tuesday, Apr 14 night.

Shalini Bhat, as she stood speaking to a friend near Manikantha Apartments between Mukhyaprana temple and TT temple around 8-20 pm, three men are said to have arrived in a black bike from the direction of Trishuleshwar temple. They asked for directions to go to Kudroli temple.

As Shalini was trying to provide the information, the man sitting in the middle in the pillion, snatched the gold chain from her neck and they sped away.

The ornament was made of 13 sovereign gold and 14 coral studs of 4 gms each, its total value being Rs 4.80 lakh.

A case has been registered with the city north police station.

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