Mangaluru: City-based Physiotherapist Dr Mohanty Conducts Workshop in Doha-Qatar

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Mangaluru: City based Physiotherapist Dr Umasankar Mohanty was invited by Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Doha, Qatar to Resource and conduct Manual Therapy workshop for Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Joint on 6th and 7th February,2015. The programme was organized at  Conference Hall, Grand Hyatt, Doha. 41 Physiotherapists attended the workshop. The Physiotherapists with nationalities of Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan, Canada, India and Philippines attended the workshop.

Dr Umasankar Mohanty is the Founder President of Manual Therapy Foundation of India with its administrative office in Mangaluru. Dr Umasankar Mohanty is also the present President of The Indian Association of Physiotherapists. He has trained so far 13,495 Physiotherapists around the globe in manipulative therapy. He is PhD guide at Lovely professional University, Punjab. He has two state of the art manual therapy clinics at Car street and Bunt’s Hostel, Mangaluru.

Joy Ann David a Physiotherapist from Philippines said “I found the workshop by Dr Mohanty very interesting and effective. I can now treat Shoulder pain and Neck pain more efficiently. The programme has expanded my professional horizons, clinical reasoning and skill”. Monique Le Blanc a Therapist from Canada said, “My understanding of hand biomechanics and hand stiffness has improved. I learned the manual therapy skills and I am going to apply the techniques for hand rehabilitation”.

Hani Ali Alogaili a therapist from Iraq mentioned that many of his doubts got cleared and he said that he will apply the techniques for sports persons for shoulder and elbow pain and wished to attend more programs by Dr Umasankar Mohanty. “He is a great teacher and communicator” said Hmissi Wassim of Tunisia mentioning about Dr Mohanty. “I feel more confident now to handle shoulder and hand problems of my patients. I will work with my sports patients to prevent injuries and help them to perform better” added Wassim..

The organizing Secretaries for the workshop were Dr Yadulla Syed and Dr Roy Mathew.

About Manual Therapy:

Manual Therapy is a specialized advanced branch of Physiotherapy. Manual therapy is application of an accurately determined and specifically directed manual force to the body, in order to improve mobility in areas that are restricted; in joints, in connective tissues or in skeletal muscles. It is a biomechanical based approach and corrects the problems from the cause with application of mechanical forces by skilled hand.

Manual Therapy is imparted after skillful, precise, accurate assessment and clinical reasoning. In the present era of Evidence based practice several systematic reviews (Level I and II) and Randomized Controlled Trials have proven the efficacy of manual therapy as a mode of treatment for various mechanical problems of Joints, Muscles, Ligaments and Nerves. It is very useful for mechanical Low back pain (2nd most common problem next in frequency to common cold), Disc Prolapse, Neck pain, Thoracic pain, Pelvic region, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Ankle injuries, Hand pain,stiffness and Headache. Manual Therapy gives instantaneous relief to the patients with above problems.

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