Mangaluru: Commotion after Wheel-locking of District Seva Dal Chief Ashraf’s Car in Prohibited Area

Mangaluru: Often there are cases when people holding responsible positions break the law and later justify their on some excuse or other, and also try to flaunt their high connections. An incident of this kind occurred near Unity hospital here on May 8.


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Around 7:50 pm, when our correspondent was on her way home, the traffic on Falnir road was found blocked. Things worsened when many of the motorists from either direction, being unable to move forward, began taking U-turns to take to alternative routes. Out of curiosity, our correspondent got down from the car with her camera and reached the spot to see why the traffic had been blocked.

A large crowd could be seen near the Unity hospital, where there was a total gridlock. Speaking to, traffic policeman Sampath, who was present there, said that some cars were parked in the ‘No Parking’ area by the sides of the road and also in front of the entrance of a house.

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The owner of the house along with his family wanted to go out but were unable to go. The traffic policeman on duty locked the wheels of all the cars that were parked in the prohibited area and was busy managing the traffic.

One of the car-owners whose car wheel had been locked came in a hurry and without noticing the lock on the front right-hand side wheel moved his car to take a turn. While doing so the lock put on the wheel got stuck in the wheel housing and the car got jammed in the middle of the road with no further movement possible. This was the cause of the gridlock.

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When the traffic police came to the spot the car owner Ashraf of Seva Dal started arguing with the police for locking his car. Speaking to Ashraf said, “I parked my vehicle in front of the Unity hospital and went to bring medicine. When I returned, I did not notice the lock placed on the right wheel. Instead of locking my car he could have informed me. I am a responsible person in the society. I will file a personal case against the cop”, he said.

One of the local residents of the area, Jeffery residing in the area said, “Most of the vehicle drivers violate the traffic rules. They park their vehicles wherever they want to. In the first place, we do not have a footpath to walk on. Some of the people are violating the rules and when the police do their duty, they abuse them.”

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Eyewitnesses said that Jeffery was jostled around by Ashraf’s supporters who arrived in big numbers. When Jeffery told them that only those who were present when the incident occurred should talk and not those who came later. This led to more aggressive abuse against him.

Shekar, another local, said that the lock from the wheel was removed because of some political pressure. He also said that Ashraf used foul language and manhandled another person who was trying to convince him not to park the vehicle in the no parking area.

The drama with the police continued for some time with Ashraf demanding money to repair his car without which he would not move the car from the road and reminding the police of his high connections.

As the commotion continued, the traffic was blocked for a long time.

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This guy Ashraf is one shameless guesses y he is been sidelined by his own party.. Anyways y is he so rash..I men who even knows him..wen u do mistakes b ready to bear d consequences too..road is a public property, b humble, pay d fine n go..even people l appreciate it..adhika prasanga tunaga even ur own followers(if u have any) l start quitting on u too ..


Responsible people should be responsible enough to follow the rules. Watch how the so called responsible people cheat people in the name of power – religion, ;politics. We need to change our conditioned thinking.

Ignore such people and clean the city those who violates the traffic law including the higher influence used politician or police personnel.

Allen C A Pereira

Dear Citizens please unite to protest against the high handedness of politically connected persons like Sri Ashraff and support the Administration in enforcing laws impartially. These politicians dont respect the ordinary citizens and bring in muscle power to intimidate honest citizens. Lets send messages of support to the Police Commissioner and request that his men on duty be protected from abuse when honestly carrying on their duties
Thank you

Vishal Puttur

Book a case on Ashraf for using abusive language and rioting, because he brought swarms of people with him.

Dr Prakash Harischandra

First and Foremost Seva Dal is just a service Wing of a Political Party. (even thoguh was started by Gandhiji with a service motto for freedom Fighters which was later hijacked) . Mr Ashraf with all due respect is just another TDH He has outrightly broken all law. Simple Citizens should publicly reprimand such behaviour. Its Utter Nonsense he went to get medicines. IF such is the situation there are many Medical Shops in the locality and Unity Hospital has a inside parking. Its Just another Showing of High Handedness of Political Juniors who show of their strength. Lets all… Read more »


This man is not fir for Seva Dal. J. R. Lobo please take action on this man.


Good Job police. Continue to do whatever you can do to discipline traffic with human approach. Just dont care politicians and well connected people.


At this outset I would like to congratulate cops for doing a good job, other than Mr Jeffrey (if I am not wrong) in tgr pic looks descent.. Other than that look at the body language of every other person. Look at MR RESPONSIBLE Ashraf… Look at the person in cap… Every single person arguing… God alone can save mangalore from these………


Ashraf has every right to commit an offence like Sallu and get away with it.
After Sallu’s bail no rich person will ever care for law of the land.
Offence is an offence.
No parking area he should not park.

ashraf HM

The movement is police people put one lock for my vehicle. but i didn’t saw the lock and came out from parking to main road at 7.45pm yesterday evening. when my vehicle is moved totally stucked Tyre and vehicle came to middle of the road. after the half n hour the police came and released the vehicle Tyre lock. i am always honoring all department in my life.i do not teach anybody.if the police people reached too late to situation point what we should do. the police who puted lock he dosnot have key for release of lock. one press… Read more »


Ahraf Bhai, I am glad that you came forward and explained your side of the story. It is quite possible that one cannot see the lock on the wheel. Here in the US police lock the wheel which is called boot. The boot is bright yellow, can be visible to the driver easily. Besides, the police also put a dark red color sticker on the driver side window warning that the car is booted so that driver may not try to move the car without noticing the boot. The sticker include necessary information who to call and how to pay… Read more »

ashraf HM

madam anitha u have to know sevadal is not J.R.lobo’s property and also if joining the sevadal we have to sacrifice so many things. sevadal is not political its is seva. yesterday which happens its police people done mistake to come too late and released the Tyre lock at the spot. my vehicle tyre is locked, then how can I drive or keep side of the road..I am always supporting to J.R.Lobo because of he is genuine and non corrupt. dont miss use his name who is working for our public without any expectations and heartily supporting to poor people.

Rohan D

Mr Ashraf…The wisdom was in apologizing and move on. But instead you made the scene very dirty. We are public and you are a public servant. You should serve us for deposing our trust in you. But instead it was like a gunda fight (please see your expressions). Your supporters poured in in no time and it became show of strength. You should be ashamed for arguing with law enforcing agencies.

Please tender a public apology!


I live in a country where a responsible person with authority commits any crime, the punishment is more than normal. They are held in higher standard which means, court assumes that they should have known better than ordinary citizens. Example: If a police officer commits a crime, the judge will hold him in higher standard. Ashraf should be a role model to the society. He should have done what once the Home Minister George had done when a cop stopped his car. He admitted the fault and asked the driver to pay the fine. One cannot bully because they have… Read more »

Tek Varma Raja

The pictures tell the story very clearly – see the expression on the face of Ashaff and his associates. Ashraff looks like and his actions prove what he is. This shows the type of people congress selects to be leaders.

B. Dinesh

Sounds like the classic Indian “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” syndrome. The law is the same for all in a democracy. The offender has an opportunity to fight the ticket in a court! This is not China or Russia – the courts should intervene and hand down the maximum penalty to the offender including a day or two in jail for causing so much commotion over a silly thing – he should have accepted the responsibility, accepted the ticket, paid the fine, and gone about his business. No one should be above the law – period!

Joe D'Souza

Seva Dal R…. Style. Every Mangalorean should look at the Eyes of this Seva Dal head. He had the guts to question Police Inspector about the wheel lock. What was Asraf thinking?. Seva Dal according to Asraf is: Blocking the Traffic, Parking in NO PARKING Zone, Assaulting Public and the Police, Using rowdy language in Public, and making fool of Himself. 1. Mr. Suresh Kumar, please immediately File Criminal Case against Asraf for stopping a Traffic Officer from performing duties. My request to Inspector Mr Nagaraj to arrest Asraf immediately. 2. The Man in Blue Stripe Shirt should file Assault… Read more »


dear all my mangalorean i know what happen because of i am there at spot 7.15 to till 8.15pm when police came and released vehicle tyre after the one hour delayed police department. Mr.ASHRAF SEVADAL Came to help one person who admitted Wenlock hospital suffering for kidney patient, to purchase some medicine to him for free of coast. suddenly Mr.SURESH CIRCLE INSPECTOR OF POLICE TRAFFIC EAST came to that area, put one Mr.ASHRAF’s CAR and went some were.but not Put any other’s car which BJP leader parked his ritz car near UNITY HOSPITAL next to Ashraf’s car. suddenly Ashraf Came… Read more »

Original R.Pai

What else can you expect from these repulsive political characters? Almost all of them are dishonest, lying, abusive, power-hungry characters who expect special treatment wherever they go!!

I should really thank the reporter for reminding us what a good journalist should be doing. It’s not an easy thing to walk into a tense situation, take photos of those abusive individuals in action and report on it. I wish we had more journalists who had this courage and intellectual honesty!!