Mangaluru: Complaint Filed over Fraudulent Transfer of Rs 3.31 Lakh from Bank Accounts

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Mangaluru: This was happening in nationalized and new-generation banks all this time. But the latest news is from a reputable private bank’s branch located opposite the Bishop’s House complex in Kodialbail.


Dr K Seetaram Bhat maintains an account in his single name and another jointly with his wife Anuradha Bhat at the said branch.

Unidentified miscreants, operating from Puttur branch, reportedly got Rs 2.51 lakh transferred to Didi Enterprises and Rs 80,000 to Tushimih, without any request from the account-holders.

The account-holders, upon enqury, did not get satisfactory explanation from the bank. Hence they have filed a complaint at the Pandeshwar police station.

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