Mangaluru: CPI Holds Jail Bharo Campaign Against Land Ordinance Bill

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Mangaluru: The CPI party held a Jail Bharo campaign against the Union government in front of the DC Office here, on May 14.

Prior to the campaign, a protest march was held from the Town Hall to the DC office.

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Addressing the protesters, CPI Secretary of DK and Udupi districts, V Kukkiyan said that before coming to power, Modi had assured to bring back black money within a month and credit Rs 15 lakh in the accounts of every citizen. “But now, it has been almost a year and Modi has failed to keep his promise. Modi also toured the entire country and assured to bring ‘Acche Din’, but as soon as he came to power, he is trying to please the corporate world. Instead of bringing ‘Acche Din’, he is pleasing the corporate world. When he was contesting the election, he held more than 400 rallies and the entire expense was borne by the corporate world.”

He further said that the present land ordinance bill which is against the farmers should be protested across the country. “The bill should be withdrawn.” He also said that neither the Prime Minister is in favour of the poor people nor is the land ordinance bill. “In 2013, the UPA government brought a land ordinance bill in favour of the farmers and the farmers have benefited from that bill. But the Modi government approved an ordinance in December to amend the Land Acquisition Act. The ordinance has relaxed the requirements of consent and social impact assessment survey for projects pertaining to five areas, including defense.”

Recalling the statement of D V Sadananda Gowda on the Land Ordinance Bill, Kukkiyan said that the entire country is ruled only by Amith Shah, Modi and Jaitley, and that the other ministers have no voice to talk against these three. He urged the government to withdraw the Land Ordinance Bill.

Senior CPI leader Krishnappa addressing the protesters said that Modi did not keep any of his promises which he had made before the elections. “He said that within a month he will bring back the black money but has failed in his attempt. He assured to bring ‘Acche Din’ to this country, but he brought the land ordinance bill which is against farmers. In the present land ordinance bill, if any industrialist is willing to acquire land, he can acquire land without the consent of the farmers. Modi or the industrialists can go to USA or any other country, but where will poor people go after losing their land?” he questioned.

Later, all were arrested by the police and taken to the Pandeshwar police station.

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9 years ago

A good stand by the CPI.

The globetrotter and his industrialist friends must not be allowed to forcibly acquire the land from the very poor people.

India can live without the Gujarat model of development, where no Lokayukta was appointed for obvious reasons.

Original R.Pai
9 years ago

The politics of agitation continues in a third-world nation where any healthy, meaningful debates are shunned by all sides. Individuals like Manga(L) will support these agitators purely to satisfy his own hatred towards Modiji. Party comes first before country!!

By the way, one of the latest editions of Times magazine (US edition) has Narendra Modi on its cover page!!! In fact, TIME has very positive things to say about our Pradhaana Sevaka. A sad day for black-friday priest and many other modi-haters.

B. N. Pai
9 years ago
Reply to  Original R.Pai

Original R.Pai OF Mangaluru GLOATS, ” Times magazine (US edition) has Narendra Modi on its cover page!!!


9 years ago
Reply to  Original R.Pai

By the way, one of the latest editions of Times magazine (US edition) has Narendra Modi on its cover page!!! – Joker RamPA

Hahahahha. The US is the BIGGEST perpetrator of crime and invasion. No UN mandate to strike Iraq and Afghanistan! What JOKERS you people are!

So TIME rag is supposed to be a beacon of light for not so new immigrants like RamPU. Lol! lolol!

So, if TIME puts somebody’s ‘phata’ on da cover… he is GREAT?

Hello..wakw up rampu

Original R.Pai
9 years ago

Hello Joker Praveeena Pinto,
Why are you showing so much ‘ajeenra’ towards Doddana ? Is it because of Visa ? I am not talking about your rejected Visa – I am referring to doddanna’s decision to do a U-turn on Modi’s visa!! LOL LOL LOL LOL