Mangaluru: DKWJU Stages Protest Against Assault on Mediapersons

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Mangaluru: The district working journalists union staged a protest against the assault on mediapersons in front of the DC office here, on November 3.

Addressing the protesters, journalist Ravindra Shetty said that whenever there is murder or when any other incidents occur, the mediapersons reach the spot, cover the event and relay the news. On November 2 while they were doing their job, they were assaulted. “Even in Prasant Poojary’s murder case, the mediapersons were assaulted and DKWJU very strongly condemns this. Now the mediapersons are not safe, the police department and the district administration should provide protection so that journalists can perform their duty without fear.”

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Reporter Tarantula Shetty said that on the same day when murders took place inside the district sub-jail, press photographers/videographers were attacked by Madoor Isubu’s well wishers at the morgue, which shows the failure of the police department. “Whenever there are any incidents, reporters as well as the photographers/videographers should go to the spot for coverage. On November 2, when the press photographers/videographers were covering an incident, four of them were assaulted in the Wenlock mortuary premises. When there is a murder or any untoward incident and a large crowd gathers in a hospital’s premises or any other place, the police should take all the measures to keep the situation under control.” He urged the police department to find out the attackers and punish them severely.

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Reporter Harish Rai said that when any one of the reporters or photographers are assaulted, all mediapersons have to show unity and fight for justice. “We have respect towards the police department. The police should provide us protection.” He urged the home minister to provide safety to the mediapersons.

Arif Padubidri said, “We will not tolerate any more assaults on journalists. If a journalist commits any crime, let the offended party go to a police station, file a case and take suitable action according to the law and not take law into their hands. It is the duty of the police to take care of the situation and to not allow goons to take the law into their hands.”

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Jitander Kundeshwar also spoke on the occasion. Later, a memorandum was submitted to the Deputy Commissioner by the protesters.

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