Mangaluru: Don’t Walk-In, Drive-In! Lady Driver losing Control lands her Car at Bank’s Front Door

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Mangaluru: A middle-aged woman who wanted to do a quick bank transaction, instead of parking her car and walking into the bank, decided to drive her car right up to the front door of Karnataka Bank, opposite Bishop’s House-Kodialbail. Not really-this comment was just on the lighter side of the vein.

The real story goes like this- Around 11:00 am this morning, Sushma R (name changed), aged 58 years driving her Maruti Suzuki Eeco Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) was coming out from Vitobha Temple Road and trying to get on Kodialbail Road, right opposite to Bishop’s House and also near Karnataka Bank Ltd. In the meantime, a car zoomed by in front of her vehicle-in order to avoid hitting the car, she quickly turned her steering to the left side, and out of confusion, instead of applying the brakes, she stepped on the accelerator, which resulted in the car to jump off the road and land right at the front door of Karnataka Bank Ltd. Luckily the car missed smashing into the ATM kiosk which is located adjacent to the bank entrance.

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Speaking to, the lady driver said, “Although the car displays a “L” sign, but I have got my driver’s licence four months ago. I am a very careful and steady driver, and also strictly follow traffic rules. It was out of confusion, when all of a sudden when the other car zoomed by in front of me, I lost control at the steering, turned it quickly to the left side, and instead of applying the brake, I stepped on the accelerator. I am grateful to God that I didn’t hurt any pedestrians nor damaged public or bank property”.

Luckily the accident took place during non-peak hours- because if the incident had taken place during the time when people/students get out of work/college, who wait for their buses to arrive at the spot where the car jumped off the road, there would have been some casualties. God is great!

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