Mangaluru: Dr Annapoorna Kini Inaugurates Rotablator Lab at KMC Cardiology Department

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Mangaluru: KMC Hospital Mangaluru (KMCHM), a part of Manipal Health Enterprises, held the inauguration of the Rotablator at the Department of Cardiology, KMCHM premises, here on July 10.

The programme began with a puja, after which the dignitaries lit the traditional lamp. Dr Annapoorna Kini, Director Cath Lab and Interventional Cardiology, Professor of Cardiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York cut the ribbon and inaugurated the Ratablator lab.

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She later explained the working of this new device and how it would be advantages to patient with heavily calcified plaques. “For patients with heavily calcified plaques in the arterial vessels, which are not a balloon or very difficult to access, we may not be able to place the stent since there will be problems in the delivery of the stent.”

She further said that this technique involves a diamond coated ‘burr’ a millimetre or two in diameter that rotates at above 150,000 rpm. This drills through hard coronary plaque, whilst leaving any normal artery wall undamaged and allows the implantation of stents into narrowings that would otherwise have been difficult to open up and enable good angioplasty. The main advantage is that now with help of this device, the number of surgeries can be reduced.

The Rotablator technology can remove plaque by abrading atherosclerotic material producing millions of micro particle smaller than RBC which are cleared by RE System. It also improves initial success rate and reduces the restenosis rate in coronary angioplasty.

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