Mangaluru: DYFI and SFI Stage Protest Against Allegations Levelled on Kanhaiya Kumar

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Mangaluru: DYFI and SFI held a protest against false anti-national allegations levelled against Kanhaiya Kumar in front of the DC Office here, on February 18.

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DYFI member Dayanand Shetty addressing the protesters said, “When students at JNU were protesting against the hanging of Afzal Guru, some ABVP members shouted pro Pakistan slogans and as a result student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested. Moreover, Rajnath Singh said that terrorist Hafeez Saeed was directly involved in the protest at JNU. This same government was not responding when there were incidents like Dadri lynching etc.”

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He further said that the promises of the central government are false as there was no employment and costs of essential commodities was ever rising. “RSS has never shown true patriotism. They raised a saffron flag instead of the tri-colour on independence day. There is no difference between sangh parivar and terrorist organisations like ISIS. Kanhaiya Kumar should be released immediately,” he added.

Prof. Narendra Nayak- President of Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations said, “Where was the patriotism when BJP formed alliance with PDP to form a government at J&K or when they formed an alliance with the Akali Dal, which has acted against the constitution in Punjab? Sangh Parivar has supported the first Indian terrorist, Godse. We face the same issues now which we faced during the time of emergency.”

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DYFI member Santhosh Bajal said, “The central government is trying to hide the true facts behind the protest at JNU. If we see the video posted by Zee News, we will see ABVP members shouting anti-national slogans. If ABVP has true patriotism, let them shout slogans like, Inquilab Zindabad, Baba Saheb Zindabad or Ambedkar Zindabad, but that will never happen. All false allegations levelled against Kanhaiya Kumar should be revoked and the actual suspects should be brought to book. We condemn the attacks by lawyers on journalists, students and faculty members who were in support of Kanhaiya Kumar.”

Charan Shetty from SFI and others were also present.

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  1. If the law is clearly defined as to what constitutes sedition, then all this mayhem can be put to rest by appealing in the courts, preferably in the apex court. Let the courts decide. There is no need for any political parties to take advantage of the situation.

    Afzal guru was hung only after the highest court of the land upheld the guilty verdict. So, now under the guise of freedom of expression trying to say the government conducted an extra judicial killing is tantamount to insulting the highest courts. Why the media or the international team of academicians trying to make a issue out of this episode is really interesting. I don’t think the common sense is not being applied here.

    Freedom of expression is absolute but, paradoxically, it has its limits when it can influence the clueless masses into doing things that are traitorous for the country as a whole. People in the West have learnt their lessons properly in this area. Until 9/11 or 7/7 people in the US and Britain (especially the loony lefty parties) used to tacitly support terrorist ideologies by Muslim extremists. Their argument at that time was that everyone has a right to express their dissent. Left unchecked it went too far and people realised only when the bombs exploded from right underneath their bottom. Now the same lefties have mellowed down their rhetoric a bit as it has become a question of their own survival especially in the face of threats the West is facing due to tension in the Middle East and the resultant refugee crisis. The moment they outnumber the natives, it only takes one election to convert a democracy into a caliphate. It could take another century but it’s well on track.

    The prospect that the universities are becoming the breeding ground for radical ideologies is deeply worrying. Leftist organisations in India are using the Muslim sympathy and sensibilities to gain popularity. I just wonder what exactly is the purpose of going to college if this is what people are interested in. Where do they find time for such things. Baffling.

  2. I feel for these idiots playing out in the hand of anti national forces – Dont they have faith on the country’s judiciary. Why are they afraid if they are innocent? They would have to face the law enforcing agency for raising anti national slogans – enough of these hidden crocodiles.

  3. What a joke by a bunch of silly folks!! I don’t know who is worse – Sharia pandita who blames RSS for Mumbai terrorist attacks OR these ‘brave’ activists who blame ABVP members for recent anti-India slogans!! The only good news is that there are only a dozen regressives left in Mangaluru. These are irrelevant, unhappy folks with zero credentials.

  4. “The moment they outnumber the natives, it only takes one election to convert a democracy into a caliphate. It could take another century but it’s well on track” Horny Manatee

    No problem with caliphate. All good. Very happy.
    Peace. Jai Hind. Jai Ho

  5. Olu thikkiyeru marre nikuleg e bele ijjandi javaniyer ? Give them some work in construction industry. Mast bele undu kudlad.

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