Mangaluru: Easy to Criticise, Come Forward and Help – MLA Lobo During Road Inspection

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Mangaluru: MLA JR Lobo along with ACP traffic, Uday Nayak visited various places in the city to evaluate the traffic issues and plan for improvement of the infrastructure to solve the traffic issues of the city on January 8.

Speaking to the mediapersons at Nanthur Junction, Lobo said, “I and a team of engineers and town planning officers are touring the city to identify and come up with solutions to traffic problems. We have come up with four proposals to solve the issues and beautify the city.”

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Lobo assured that this was a continued process and not just a one day show. A team of engineers and workers will perform repairs and take down unwanted elements like stones and poles every 15 days. He also said that the traffic police had sent a proposal for construction of 42 speed breakers at strategic locations to avoid accidents. Bus stops will be shifted to a better location and the construction and repair of footpaths with space for parking vehicles was also planned.

“We are on a campaign to solve the traffic issues plaguing the city and as a part of this campaign, the city traffic police are holding ‘Traffic Saptaha’ (Road Safety week). A meeting of various departmental heads from the corporation, MESCOM, BSNL and others will be held in the Town Hall on January 18. Citizens who wish to voice over their suggestions related to traffic problems are welcome to this meeting. We will make sure that all their concerns are heard,” Lobo said.

When enquired about the shortage of staff among the traffic police, Lobo said, “Currently there is no shortage in staff but we require citizens to help us. Proposal sent by the traffic police to accept traffic wardens is accepted by the government. I urge the citizens who can spare some time to come forward and serve as traffic wardens for 1 or 2 hours. It is easy to criticise, but we need the citizens to come forward and help us.”

Lobo further said that the tender for continuation of building the concrete roads at Kadri-Shivbhag was passed and the work would resume. “The Nanthur Junction is a cause of concern. Shifting the bus stand, placing dividers and building concrete roads should solve the problem,” he added.

When asked if there is any plan to build flyovers or plan for having a metro in the city, Lobo said, “We are not planning for construction of any new flyovers in the city as they require a huge budget and as of now it is not possible to get such an investment. We have however submitted a proposal for building the metro railway system to the government.”

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