Mangaluru: Embassy of India in Kuwait Steps up Efforts to Get Detained NRIs Released

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Mangaluru: Sources close to the families of nine NRIs from DK and Udupi districts who are under detention in the State of Kuwait have said that the embassy of India there has stepped up its efforts to have them released at the earliest.

They had been detained by the security agencies in Kuwait for holding Satyanarayan Puja on behalf of Nava Chetana Welfare Association Kuwait (NCWAK) without requisite permission.

Sources in Kuwait have said that in fact there are restrictions in the Gulf countries on forming organizations but exception is made in the cases of those affiliated to the embassy of India.

While cultural activities which do not hurt local or religious sentiments are allowed, the Satyanarayana Puja was apparently considered as professing of idolatry, which was in violation of Islamic tenets.

The event had also disturbed neighbours and residents around the venue, who had reportedly complained to the authorities.

The sources further said that until late last week, the whereabouts of the detenus was not known to their families. Now there is information that the ambassador of India has held talks with the officials in Kuwait. Because of his intervention, the family members of the NRIs residing in Kuwait were allowed to meet them.

Even if they are released, they might run the risk of being deported, in which case they would not be allowed to enter Kuwait, said the sources in Kuwait. This is likely to affect the future of their families back home.

What has been worrying the families is that even if they are not deported, some employers, as part of their company policy, do not continue the employment of those who violate the laws of the country.

Sources close to some of the families in the districts have been looking forward to their release and safe return to India in any circumstances, even if it involves deportation.

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