Mangaluru: Extreme Makeover! Women Inmates of White Doves get a ‘Hairdo’ from Ladies Beauty Association

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Mangaluru: Nearly 50 women inmates of White Doves got a surprise gift during the Independence Day weekend- not sweets, not clothes, not food, instead a unique gift, nice sexy hairdos from a bevy of local hairstylists. Mangalore Ladies Beauty Association (MLBA)” formed by the owners of authorized/registered ladies beauty parlors/salons visited the White Doves- a NGO run by Corrine Rasquinha and did free service, giving hair cuts and nail care to nearly 50 ashram women. From a perfect hairdo, polished nail care and gorgeous “make-up” the women were all ready to party like a some Bollywood heroines.

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The fifteen ladies of MLBA really did put a smile on these less fortunate women, who were anticipating to look pretty in their new hair-style. President of MLBA, Sonia D’Leema said, ” We wanted to give these women something special this Independence Day celebrations, and we thought that transforming their present hairstyle into something trendy would bring some joy and smile in them- and they all did like their new hairdos. We are glad that we made them happy while celebrating India’s freedom”

Corrinne Rasquinha, founder of White Doves speaking to said, ” It was nice of MLBA members to come up with a unique idea by giving our women inmates a gorgeous look with their trendy hair cuts, and also polishing their nails with glittering colors. They were all beaming with joy and miles of smiles on their faces. On behalf of all these women I thank MLBA for putting a smile on the faces of these less fortunate women.”

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Secretary Soumya Adappa and Treasurer Mercy Veena D’Souza, along with other association members were part of this unique project. This project is one of the many projects that the association has done since their inception- the main objective of forming their association with like minded beauty parlour owners was to fulfill their motto and showcase their unity, by establishing this Association with an objective to unite the beauty parlour owners in and around Mangalore to achieve their motto and solve our problems.The main objective of MLBA is to provide better quality of life, and create awareness about health and hygiene in girls and thereby improve their beauty. The members of the Association firmly believe and think that after couple of years of hard work, they have fulfilled fulfill their objectives and motto.

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Speaking more on their association, D’Leema said, “The Salient features of our objectives/motto are :To unite the girls and providing them with opportunities to exhibit their skills; Providing a platform for the girls to showcase their abilities; To strive for the up-liftment of those involved in the trade without any monetary benefits; To organise training programmes and workshops to beauticians to develop their skills; and striving for the well being of women and girls”.

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  1. Great job on the part of White Doves to be able to reach out the lady inmates and provide them the hairdo. Also great achievement to be able to publicize in the web sites. This is a great achievement. If there are enough ladies that are able to speak reasonable English why can’t we start a Toastmasters Club behind the bars for the lady inmates? Please find out discretely and let us know.

    If the authorities are favorable then we shall provide you with all the literatures and manuals, and then we come down to Mangalore next we can hold a demo meeting and get the project started in full swing. Please let us know.

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