Mangaluru: Facebook Abuse: Complaint Filed against 3 for Libellous Comments against

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Mangaluru: Facebook and social media have become handy tools for faceless and spineless anti-social elements to spew venom against anyone they dislike.

On the other hand, ironically, some persons who had indulged in the same activity and demeaned others in the past, now feel the pinch when they are faced with the same situation and profess lamb-like innocence.

On Mar 3, this portal had published a news item, quoting the police, that there was a likelihood of legal action against a Sadhvi, who had delivered a hate speech, which has been widely covered by all the media. This portal also reported the same news in its columns. It was a faithful and bona fide reportage.

While not many comments came from the readers in the other media, a few responded to the report on this portal with objectionable comments on their own Facebook pages. Interestingly, the comments did not touch the core subject nor the merit of the case, but, instead, cast aspersions on the persons running the site.

Upon receiving a complaint from this website seeking action for the mental distress wrought, the city police commissioner has taken a serious view of the matter. The police have tracked down the culprits as Suraj Shetty, Kartik Shetty and Vijaya Raj and the police are looking out for them.

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