Mangaluru: FMMC Holds CME on ‘Head and Neck Cancer – Multidisciplinary Approach’

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Mangaluru: Departments of Pathology and Oncology of Father Muller Medical College (FMMC) organised a Continuing Medical Education (CME) on ‘Head and Neck Cancer – Multidisciplinary Approach’, at the FMMC here, on February 20.

The CME was inaugurated by Surgical Oncologist, Vice Chancellor of Yenepoya University, Dr M Vijayakumar by lighting the traditional lamp along with Consultant Pathologist, Asian Institute of Oncology, SL Raheja Hospital, Dr Anita Borges and other dignitaries.

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In his inaugural address, Dr Vijayakumar said that youngsters want to master a subject without going through any hardship. “We should not only idealize an expert, but have to go through the same hardships they have gone through and emulate them rather than be jealous. Do not sit behind a microscope but always have a clinical approach,” he said.

He said that in order to learn more, one has to spend more time on the subject and not the ‘reverse’ as we will not be able to learn more by spending less time on the subject. There is a necessity of skill based learning where a student could approach a teacher on a one-to-one basis. “We first should get educated, then teach others and later get educated on our own. Self training and self discipline is the way to look forward and be distinct from others,” he added.

Dr Anita said, “Training is just a part of education. Training can tell you what to do and how to do it, but training can’t tell you why we are doing it.” only training is not enough, there is a need to be educated. It is the duty of the teachers to teach students how to learn.

In his presidential address, Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions, Fr Patrick Rodrigues said, “I was told that the word of Dr Anita Borges is the final word and she has achieved that distinction by practicing. The multidisciplinary approach was first applied during the world wars which proved to be beneficial. This type of approach is more relevant in the health field.”

Fr Patrick said that there were barriers built by experts which did not allow the opinions of others. “CME should prove to be beneficial as one could learn from the experience of experts. Interdisciplinary approach should be a way of life,” he added.

Dr Hilda Fernandes delivered the vote of thanks.

Administrator of FMMC, Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa; Dean, Dr Jayaprakash Alva, Dr V G Almeida, Dr Nisha J Marla, Dr Rohan Gatty and others were also present.

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