Mangaluru: Gang Attempts to Hack down Man near Lady Goschen Hospital

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Mangaluru: A group of five or six persons assaulted Mohan aka ‘Tikki’ Mohan with swords as he was sipping tea at a milk parlour near the Lady Goschen hospital in the city on Monday.

In a complaint to the Bunder police, Mohan has stated that Pradeep, ‘Chappetani’ Rahim, Altaf and another two assaulted him with swords in the head, another two on the arm of his right hand and the little finger on the left hand.

As he screamed for help and was trying to escape from them, they flashed their sword at his back as well. As people gathered, the culprits are said to have fled the spot.

Mohan ran for his life, managed to jump into the yard of the Lady Goschen hospital, from where the public took him to Wenlock hospital for admission and treatment.

He has mentioned in his complaint that he knew the assailants and some old grudge could be the motive behind the attack.

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