Mangaluru: Good Friday Observed with a Note of Forgiveness and Goodness at Rosario Cathedral

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Mangaluru: The Friday before Easter, Good Friday, is one of great significance to Christians around the world. It was observed with great faith and devotion in the diocese on the evening of April 3.

On Good Friday, the services in all the churches had the Gospel reading of St John, which was read in a singing intonation and consisted of the first part of the liturgical service.

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As is the custom every year, Bishop Dr Aloysius D’Souza led the congregation in prayerful worship at the Rosario Cathedral in Mangaluru. The sufferings of Christ were recited by the Bishop along with the other priests.

The second part was the unveiling and veneration of the Cross, and the third part was the receiving of the Eucharist.

In his homily, the Parish priest of Rosario Cathedral, Fr J B Crasta, said that the feelings that the Lord had for the human beings was boundless. Continuing FrCrasta said,”When we recall the sufferings of Christ, one can realize how his feelings were when he was dying on the cross. There are no limitations for human feelings. Jesus died an unnatural death; he did not commit any sin but he died for our sins to save us from the fire of hell. We have to understand the meaning of relationship. We have to bring peace in our families and we have to forgive others like Jesus did. Anger, enmity and revenge will not take us anywhere. Yes when our churches were attacked, many of us got angry and many had taken wooden clubs, machetes and were ready to take revenge, but at the same time we asked Jesus to forgive them. This is what we should do to be the true followers of Jesus. This is Good Friday and not the black Friday. We need to be good to others and we have to show to the world that we are the followers of Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us from sins.”

The body of Jesus Christ was lowered from the cross and later taken in a procession.

Msgr Denis Moras Prabhu, Asst Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr Amit Rodrigues and Vice Principal of Rosario College Fr Rockey Fernandes were also present.

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