Mangaluru: Got Varicose Veins? Simple Laser Treatment from Linea Clinic will Get Rid of It

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Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons at Mangalore Press Club, Dr.Satish Bhat, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Linea Cosmetic Clinic, Balmatta, Mangaluru, and Ex-Faculty at TATA Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Grant Medical College and JJ Hospitals-Mumbai briefed about ‘Varicose Veins’ and ‘Varicose Vein Camp’. Along with him on the dais were Smt. Pranathi-Administrator at the Clinic, and Umesh-PRO, Yenepoya Specialty Hospital. The following details were briefed, along with power-point presentation.

What exactly is the problem?

Varicose vein problem of the legs is a problem of time immemorial, since the time human began walking on two legs. Just like everything else, even blood finds it more difficult to climb up from the legs to the heart, rather than come down.

While normal veins – blood vessels that carry impure blood from legs to heart – are strong enough to push blood against gravity, with age this flow of blood becomes slow, perhaps due to loss of inherent strength of the veins. Multiple pregnancies in ladies and long hours of standing at work perhaps increase the strain on the system.




The pooling of blood in a slow moving circulation causes balloon like swelling of the veins – leading to ache, cramps and problem in standing and working.

The vessels may be seen as compressible swelling when involving larger veins below the skin or spider like awkward lines when involving smaller veins within the skin. Ladies find the latter more troublesome, with the limitation in clothing options they impose.


This pooling of blood ultimately leads to leakage of blood and damage to the skin – itching, burning, blackening. Untreated, the skin peels of leaving large wounds – which may be difficult to heal. Rarely, bleeding may occur automatically from the high pressure veins, which can be alarming and without apparent cause.

How does the problem become a suffering?

This is due to false notions about the problem, unrealistic expectations and the reluctance for surgery.


There is no cure as yet for varicose veins, as this will need the persons’ genes to be modified. However, a trouble free productive life can be enjoyed by EFFECTIVE CONTROL of the problem. Unlike other common problems like diabetes or hypertension, where lifelong drugs are needed for good control, in this case – timely treatment and effective use of pressure stockings is all that is needed.



Failure to understand this problem, and the scare of a possible surgery, ends up with the patient repeatedly postponing the treatment. It reaches a point where the damage becomes irreversible, as it is no longer correctable by even the best of treatment. The person ends up with deformed, scarred legs, and condemned to a life of misery. All this could have been avoided by simple, effective treatment at the right time.

What does Modern Treatment for Varicose Veins involve?

It is a combination of :

• Evaluation by a Duplex Scan
• A procedure to block the main damaged Veins
• Leg Support by Stockings
• Touch up with Sclerotherapy Injections (office Procedure).

The Duplex scan is a combination of:

1. Two Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging to see structure
2. Doppler Imaging to access Function: Flow of Blood

The mechanical problem of leakage needs a mechanical remedy to close/seal off the points of leakage. Since conventional treatment for this needed open surgery, anaesthesia, and hospitalization for a few days, many people were put of by the scare of surgery, leading to further delay in effective control. People ended up taking refuge in medicines to correct the problem, despite knowing that drugs do not have much role in either reversing or controlling the problem once it begins.

Laser Treatment has been considered an established remedy for this problem since more than a decade. It is done as a Minimally Invasive Procedure, without the need for hospital admission or major anaesthesia. The person does not need any bed rest and can return to office work in a day or two.


It involves inserting a fine laser fiber directly into the leg vein under local anaesthesia, under real time scan using ultrasound. The fibre is guided to reach the points of leakage identified by other tests well in advance. Firing the beam releases heat causing the vein to get sealed from within, without any damage to the other tissues.

Once the weakened veins are closed, the blood flows smoothly through adjacent competent veins – without any pooling or it’s effects.


While leg stockings (pressure garments) provide the much needed support to avoid recurrence of the problem, they are not of much use in the absence of vein blockage by surgery/laser.

Sometimes, minor veins that persist despite laser treatment may need treatment by injection of a Sclerosant into the vein directly.

What have we done to address this problem?

It has been seen that failure to look at the complete picture, right in the beginning, often leads to disappointment to the patient and loss of interest for the treating Doctor. Slow and troublesome recovery after conventional surgery was another reason why both doctors and patients were put off by the entire exercise.






Keeping this in mind, we have begun Linea Vein Clinic, as a unit of Linea Cosmetic Clinic, to address these very issues, all under one roof. We provide comprehensive care for varicose veins, with the best of technology and experts, in the most accessible way.

We aim to get you back on your feet, in the shortest possible time – Literally! We have a no-nonsense attitude, and will do all that modern science can, and will not hesitate to tell you what we or Science cannot!


What all does Linea Vein Clinic provide?

• A team involving a plastic surgeon, dermatologist and therapist
• Best of equipment that includes:

US FDA Approved German Biolitec Laser Machine Philips Doppler Machine

• Optimum balance of Convenience and Safety

1. Tricky cases in hospital, others in our clinic
2. Adequate safety equipment including Defibrillator.

• Access: both physical and financial

1. Centrally Located Clinic
2. Support for the Needy

• Senior Plastic Surgeon who will oversee the treatment plan.
• Comfortable Clinic

Consulting Room
Procedure Room

A Few Case Results


Varicose veins involving the Great Saphenous Vein (GSV)


Spider veins corrected by treatment

Concluding remarks

Most people who take comprehensive care for varicose veins do not realize how much of a toll it was taking on their lives. Only when they are rid of the trouble it was causing, are they convinced what they were missing!

Please go through the various pages of our website with more information on the same. If you do not follow anything that is there, or want to know more than what you can see, please reach out to us.

Wishing you Happy Legs and a Health Productive Life!

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