Mangaluru: Government should Announce Cow as National Animal – Pejawar Swamji

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Mangaluru: Vishwa Hindu Parishat and Bajrang Dal staged a protest in front of the DC office here on January 1, 2015.

Prior to the protest a rally was taken out from the Sharavu Temple which culminated in front of the DC office.

Addressing the protesters VHP leader M B Puranik said that whenever any untoward incidents have taken place or any problem is faced by the Hindu community, the Swamijis have stood firmly with the community. The Swamijis protect the Hindu community and strive hard to save the Hindu Dharma. They do not sit inside the Temple and perform only Pujas, they fight for justice when any injustice is done to the Hindu community. The congress party before coming to power had prepared an agenda which included the anti Hindu policy. In the name of secularism, the congress party is dividing the community. The congress party led by Siddaramaiah has adopted anti Hindu policies which is a wrong move.

He further said that the Congress leaders have put their hands in the beehive by interfering in the matters of Maths and Temples. When the BJP government was in power in the state, there was no interference in the Math or temple issues. Without any grant from the government, the Swamijis give education to the poor students. If Chief minister Siddaramaiah goes against the Maths and Swamijis it will not do good for his career, he said.

Addressing the protesters Rajayogi Ramananda Swami of Kolya Math said that the majority in this country are Hindus, so the country should be called as a Hindu nation. He further said that now a days women are not safe in the society, likewise the cows which gives milk to us are also not safe. Cow is not an ordinary animal, it is holy and consists 33,000 deities in her body and deserves to be worshiped. If anyone kills the cow they will not prosper.

Gurudevananda Swamiji of Sri Kshetra Odiyoor said that the congress government is trying to cut the roots of Hindu Dharma. Hindu community especially the youth should join hands to protect Hindu dharma.

Swami Rajashekarananda from Vajradehi Math Gurupur said that the Hindu youth have the capacity to gather all the Swamijis under one roof to save the Hindudharma. Siddaramaiah should be Bhaktaramaiah because he did not complete his tenure, he has two more years to go. After two years the Congress government will not come to power in the state. He also said that Siddaramaiah should not make the Swamijis to step down on the roads. In the name of secularism, the state government is dividing the community. Congress is saying they are secular, what is the meaning of being secular, is it to go against the Hindu community? he questioned.

He further said that in Kavoor police assault case, the police commissioner did not take proper action on the SI and many organizations demanded for the transfer of the commissioner but he was not transferred, when in Ulaibettu attack case, the police have really worked hard but the police commissioner was transferred. We are not against any police officers but against the double standard of the police officers.

He also said that in this intellectuals city, a former minister without any intelligence commenting against Prejawar Swamiji is a shame. He also said that there are various schemes such as Anna Bhagya, Shaadi Bhagya etc the government is incurring heavy lose, to adjust the lose and to avoid bankruptcy the government is looting the temples and maths so that they can feed the people through AnnaBhagya scheme.

Pejawar Swamiji speaking on the occasion said, “If the congress will start any Hindu organization I will support them. When there is forcible conversion, the government did not raise any voice, but when there is re-conversion the same government is blaming us. The government should form a committee to stop forcible conversion. Government should first ban forcible conversions and then talk about the re-conversion”.

He further said that the Congress is a communal party for the minorities because the state government is interfering in the Temple and Math issues but the same government is not interfering in the Church or Mosque issues. In the name of secularism, the state government is dividing the community.

He demanded the government to announce Cow as a national animal. KemaruMath Esha Vittaladasa Swamiji, Mohandas Swamiji, Yogananda Swamiji,Muktananda Swamiji, Jagadish Shenava and others were also present.

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