Mangaluru: Harassment from In-laws, 30-year-old Woman Dies after Consuming Poison

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Mangaluru: A 30-year-old woman died in a hospital after consuming poison here, on June 20.


The deceased has been identified as Malathi (30), wife of Karunakar, a resident of Bayar, Muligadde.

According to family members, Malathi called her brother on June 14 to take her back to her home as her husband and mother-in-law were torturing her. As soon as her brother received the call, he went to Bayar Muligadde and brought Malathi back. When they were coming to Kallakotte, Kadeshwalya Bantwal, she fainted on the way. She informed her brother that she had consumed poison. Immediately, her brother took her to Mahaveer Hospital in Puttur but they advised him to take her to Mangaluru as they did not have the facilities to treat her.

According to the advise of the hospital, Malathi was taken to the Government Wenlock Hospital on the same day. When she was admitted in the Wenlock hospital, the police investigated the case and informed the Bantwal police as Malathi had consumed poison. The Bantwal police arrived to the hospital and took the statement from Malathi.

Malathi was married to Karunakar three years ago and was the mother of a nineteen-month-old son. She had confessed that whenever she was talking on the mobile with her mother or family members, her husband and mother-in-law would pull the mobile from her hand and disconnect the call. Her husband used to physically torture her. She was also being harassed by her mother-in-law. On the morning of June 14, she was tortured by her husband and mother-in-law, and hence, she had taken the drastic step to end her life.

After three days, her condition deteriorated and she was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit on June 17. On the night of June 20, between 11 to 12 pm, she breathed her last.

A case has been registered in the Bantwal Police Station.

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  1. These cases of haressment by in-laws are on the increase. Hope ‘LAW AND ORDER’ will deal with this situation making sure that the people responsible for the crime are severely punished.

  2. so sorry to hear she took poison because her in law and husband were harassing her.But I find she should have think of her Baby who is only a one and a half year old.who will look after him.If she had decided to leave her husbands house ,do it but with Baby was far better.and whydid she take poison when brother was called to take her with?she was may be more instabile.Why inlaws and husband should torture when she is talking in mobile.was she talking too Long on mobile?some Forget time when on mobile.neglecting Baby?she should have talked when husband and in law were not watching.sometimes should be bit careful in such Situation.somehow Baby is the one who looser.have to grow up without mother.and her parents .Heartfelt sympathys to the Family.

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