Mangaluru: Hindu Samajotsava will be Held on Same Day, If Dr Zakir Will Visit City – VHP

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Mangaluru: Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal held a press meet at the VHP office, near PVS circle here on December 16.

Addressing the mediapersons, Murali Hasanthadka said that the Dattamala Abhiyan will commence from December 16 and will conclude on 24 December. About 15000 devotees in and around Mangaluru are expected to visit Datta Peeta. 3000 devotees are expected from Mangaluru city alone. On December 20, devotees will take part in a pilgrimage from PVS to Sharavu Mahaganapathi temple. The pilgrimage to Datta Peeta will commence from Mangaladevi temple and Rama Banjana Mandir, Yedepadav on December 23 at 10 am.


Speaking about Dr Zakir Naik’s proposed speech on 2 January, Murali said that Zakir Naik will be testing the patience of Hindus in the region. “The state government is also supporting him. We can see the attitude of the Siddaramaiah government by its actions on issues like the stay on anti-cow slaughter bill or the recent Tipu Jayanti”. He said that VHP has registered complaints in local police stations regarding Dr Zakir Naik’s provocative speeches for which VHP has proof in the form of video CDs.


Murali further said that the VHP has invited Dr Praveen Bhai Togadia to Mangaluru on January 6. “The administration should not give permission for any programme featuring such a controversial figure. If the administration gives permission to Dr Zakir Naik to speak on January 2, we will organize a Hindu Samajotsava headed by Praveen Togadia on the same day as a mark of protest,” he added.

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  1. If I am right, this genius is banned from UK and Canada!! Not sure if he can enter Doddanna either. However, since he is an Indian, he has the right to visit Mangaluru and address his followers. He shouldn’t be banned no matter how much we disagree with him as long as he doesn’t promote violence.

  2. he was banned for a short while by these two countries on the basis of some misunderstanding , but good sense prevailed
    and he went on to Deliver Lectures in the Oxford, UK Chicago,USA and rest of the world..
    those who watch his talks will easily understand that he speaks from the knowledge of the scriptures and provides ample reference then and there. some times people just don’t to accept the truth even after they realize that their very own scriptures say the same .. that how blinded the hearts are.. and this is universal

  3. Duplicate
    Even Modi was banned doesn’t mean everybody has to ban. If he has to be banned then Modi,Togadia etc have to be banned also.

  4. “If he has to be banned then Modi,Togadia etc have to be banned also” writes Nicholas

    Dear Nicholas,
    How many beers did you drink before writing such an irrational response to my post? First of all, I am NOT for banning Z.Naik. And, you want to ban Modi from entering Mangaluru?? Sober up, dude!

  5. First of all, I am NOT for banning Z.Naik. And, you want to ban Modi from entering Mangaluru?? Sober up, dude!-Athesit Mr.Original to Mr.Nichloas

    Sir, You are not against Dr.Zakir Naik because the saffron ‘death cult’ have already threatened the peace like Tipu sultan birthday celebration being exploited.

    To refresh your memory,Narendra Modi is the only person ever denied a U.S. visa based on a little-known law on religious freedom. But 31% percentage found new God and made him Pradhan Sevak who like globetrotting rather than internal affairs of the country.

    Jai Hind

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