Mangaluru : Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin! MCCS Kids Unleash their talents at Annual Day Celebrations

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Mangaluru: Another spectacular event at Mount Carmel Central School (MCCS), the Annual Day Celebration of Kindergarten and Lower Primary Sections was held on December 19th 2015. Yes! Hum Kisi se kum nahin. It was a chilly dull morning where an ocean of talent showcased through oration, dance , drama and music brightened the horizon to the full.

The programme commenced at 9.45a.m. with the gracious arrival of Chief guest Dr. Hima Urmila Shetty -Trustee of MV Shetty Memorial group of Institutions along with Dr. Sr. Lydia A.C, the General Councillor for Education, the Apostolic Carmel. They were escorted by the Principal Sr. Melissa A.C and the members of the management. Our guests were given a befitting welcome by the school band playing their rhythmic beats.

As soon as the guests were seated and the gathering settled, the auspicious morning began devotionally invoking God’s blessings. Our guests and parents were warmly welcomed with a musical welcome dance with a charm of its own. This was followed by words of welcome by Sr. Melissa, the Principal.

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The beginning of the cultural programme itself was very lively and illuminating. It was indeed a feast to the audience eyes to see the tiniest of the tiny tots swinging, swaying, waving yet keeping in tune with each other and with music. In every performance of theirs, the blessings in our life were highlighted, the bounties of nature which normally are taken for granted were beautifully presented through dance and music, bringing to us a sense of gratitude and responsibility towards nature.

The first part of the cultural programme set a suspense tone supported by a powerful message. (Apna har pal aise jiyo jaise aakri ho ). The second part of the celebration was very informative with the power-point presentation of the Annual report for the year 2015-16, focusing on the activities and achievements of the school. This was accepted by our audience with a thundering round of applause.

At MCCS every student is offered a platform to participate. Those who have excelled are honoured, thus driving in a sense of challenge to the others. To do the honours, the Guests were escorted to the dais. Our Guest Mrs. Hima Urmila Shetty joyfully honoured the meritorious students of the academic year 2014-15. Addressing the audience the Chief Guest said that the parents need to keep alive the sense of wonder in their children and appreciate the magic of life through a story on a magician.

True to what initially was said “Hum Kisi se kum nahin” a befitting tribute was paid to the founder of Light Sir Thomas Alva Edison by the UKG students of 4 sections who presented the theme “Evolution of Light” through music and movement, being 2015 as the International Year of Light. Now was the turn of the Lower Primary students to exhibit their talents. These days, boys also work out, to have slimmer waistlines, which was showcased through the hoola hoop dance. The audience whole heartedly enjoyed the movements to Hindi version of Ring a Ring a roses and the sizzling performance to the tune of “Chicken kukuduku”.

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“Theatre” is one of the specialities of MCCS and this starts here at an early age. We often wonder why Jesus said “unless one becomes like a child one cannot enter the kingdom of heaven”. This was depicted in a drama which had folded in it the four seasons of nature through dances, one extraordinary than the other exhibited by students of class II and III. This is where we saw the young actors at their best.

The Christmas season was ushered in by the melodious singing of Christmas carols to the new born Babe in the crib highlighted the true essence of Christmas – Love, Peace and Joy. Least but not the last, the icing on the cake, were the small yet smart MC’s – Gabriel, Lisel, Daniel, Viduth, Aishwarya, Sikrithi in the age group of 7 to 8 years who compered the three hours programme holding the audience with their strong yet witty emceeing. The programme winded up with Christmas greetings

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