Mangaluru: Humps without Marks and Dumps without Limit Cannot Bring Glory to City

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By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Mangaluru: The district administration is trying to improve the traffic situation in the city.  Earlier there were no proper signals and motorists were not following the traffic rules.

All over India, it is the common scenario. Nowhere is the traffic law strict. The police do not bother to check the driving licence when a mishap occurs. After the accident, if they come to the police station without licence, the police will forget to file a case against them.

Recently, at a meeting, DC Ibrahim instructed the authorities to install humps in the city. According to the plan, 31 humps have been installed in the city.

Five days ago in Kulshekar and nearby areas, six humps were installed.  On March 24, our correspondent, upon reaching Kulshekar area at 8:00 pm,  noticed a car jump in front of him. It was because of the newly-installed hump which was without markings or any warning signs.

Later within a gap of about 15 minutes more than 10 bikes and a number of cars jumped over the unexpected hump with many of them losing control over their vehicles. Sensing danger our correspondent immediately informed the police to get all the humps in the area properly marked. The police officer assured to get the humps marked as soon as possible.

On March 26, our correspondent received a call from Ajay, a member of Navajyoti Yuva Sangha, Mangala Nagar, Kudupu. He said that more than 10 bike-riders had fallen off while riding on the humps and out them 5 were injured. Ajay also said that four days ago the humps were installed and were not marked. Due to poor visibility in the area the humps cannot be noticed, especially by the two-wheeler riders.

He further said that the Mangaluru City Corporation was not bothered about the safety of the citizens. Most of the work undertaken by MCC was always left incomplete, causing inconvenience to the citizens. But the members of his organization decided to mark the humps in order to alert the motorists of the newly-installed humps.  Indeed a good job of responsible citizenship, which should not only be appreciated but taken as an example as well.

This is not the only complaint. In Bendurwell ward number 38, precious drinking water has been leaking from a pipe continuously for more than three weeks. In many other places water is flowing out for many days and the concerned authorities are not showing any interest to cap the leakage. According to auto drivers near the Wenlock hospital, water has been leaking near their park over the past 10 years.

In ward 32, when informed the local corporator about the sewage overflowing, the problem was immediately fixed. Such corporators who are working in the interest of the ward deserve thanks.


After received another complaint from a nearbly resident about the drainage leakage near Bijai new road which links Anegundi. The caller said that in spite of making repeated calls to MCC junior engineer Laxman, no action had been taken. This leakage remained unattended to for the past three weeks. “There are chances of Malaria and Dengue to spread around if neglected,” said the caller.

Bejai New Road

On the other hand, near the ESI hospital, garbage can be seen scattered everywhere. There is no garbage bin. People come and dump their trash in front of ESI entrance. Mangaluru City Corporation has turned a blind eye towards this problem.

At every meeting and programme, the distinct administration proudly says that Mangaluru is the cleanest city. But with these problems on hand, the claim made falls much short. Prime minister Modi’s dream is to have a Swachch Bharat. But with such negligence, Modi’s dream of having Swachch Bharat will remain just a distant dream.

Authorities from Mangaluru city corporation should wake up and be serious to make Modi dream into reality. The new MCC commissioner Hephsiba Rani Korlapati is very efficient. Hope she will take the initiative to make Mangaluru a clean city in the country.

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