Mangaluru: Hush-hush ‘Home-coming’ Held for Christian Family in Konaje

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Mangaluru: In a secret, not-so-publicized process, some organizations arranged a re-conversion of a Christian family in Konaje Muchilakodi on the outskirts of the city on Wednesday.


The matter has raised quite a bit of curiosity in the backdrop of the nationwide ‘Ghar Wapsi’ campaign held with much hype and fanfare.

Rajashekharananda of Vajradehi math in Gurupur is said to have taken the lead to accept the family into the Hindu fold, to the accompaniment of pujas and ganahoma, in the presence of a gathering belonging to some organizations and political parties.

Raju of Kollam, a Christian, had married Sarawati, belonging to the Ezhava community. Initially when the families had objected, Raju had agreed to embrace the Hindu faith.

The couple had arrived from Kerala 9 years ago and set up a small house in Muchilakodi . They have four chidren. They are Raji (26), Rati (24), Rajesh (22) and Rakesh (18). All along they followed Christian traditions and beliefs. Raju died about nine years ago and they attended church prayers only once a week.

Raji, the eldest, got married a worker affiliated to a Hindu outfit about eight months ago. The second daughter is already engaged to a Hindu youth. Rajesh too intends to get married to a Hindu girl. Some time ago, alleging that he was trying to convert the girl to Christianity, he had been assaulted by Hindu activists in Ira.

The ceremony on Wednesday is said to have been held at the late Raju’s home, without any information to any other residents of Konaje.

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  1. And why is this news? If people want to convert, then it’s a choice they are making. This story is also confusing. Initially, Raju converted to Hinduism, but they were practicing Christian rites, then they all married Hindus, Good for them..hope they are all happy?? Like I said, their choice is a private matter and not newsworthy. and by the way..the hush hush is no longer hush hush since it is now posted and their photos are all available. Good to also know that political organizations have nothing better to do than try and convert people. Hmmm..wonder what was promised to the family in return!

  2. its their rights..i don’t know why press people showing big news. i think they don’t have any news. in manglore district somany problems are there. but this paper not put that news. ex:if poor public don’t have money to pay hospitals and suffering not getting sufficient medicine for their sic.;”somany people at nelyadi area going there some poor people house telling come to pray” and also all institute in mangalore collecting money from students and also sending to public places to collect money minimum Rs.500/- its ruteen after October exams.

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