Mangaluru: Is Hindu Dharma limited only to Bajrang Dal or Wearing Saffron? Poojary

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Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary held a press meet at the District Congress Office here on March 16.




Addressing the mediapersons, Poojary said that the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presented the state budget for the year 2015-16 which is in favour of the people. “Indira Gandhi had dreamed of eliminating poverty (Garibi Hatao). The BPL families will get 25 kg rice and 25 kg wheat. Even APL families will get rice for lesser price. Siddaramaiah has made her dream come true. Mayawati was the first female Dalit Chief Minister in India but she did not bring such a budget. Even in the Congress party, there are Dalit ministers but they did not bring such a budget either. But Siddaramaiah has proved that Indira Gandhi is alive. Even Mahatma Gandhi had asked the government and the leaders before presenting the budget whether they had done justice with the poorest of the poor.”

“In the budget, Rs 3,896 crore has been allocated for higher education. Even for the primary and higher primary education, Rs 16,200 crores has been allocated. The health sector has also been given importance in the budget. Rs 12,700 crore has been allotted for irrigation.”

He also said that the central budget is not in favour of the poor people. “In Kerala all the MPs have joined hands forgetting party differences and are working for the welfare of the people and also fighting for their rights, whereas in Karnataka our MPs think only about their own benefit.”

He also said that in the state, the government should install complaint boxes in all the government departments. “If the work is not done, people should be able to drop their complains in the box. The complains should be monitored by a team of officers. By doing, so we can curb corruption.” Congratulating Siddaramaiah, Poojary said, “The CM has done a great job by assuring to create 2 lakh jobs for the youth.”

Speaking on the Hindu Samajotsava, he said that some of the Congress leaders attended the Samajotsava and said that for them Hindu Dharma is important and the party comes next. “The BJP has organized the Hindu Samajotsava and talks about Hindu Dharma. What is Dharma? Is Bajrang Dal a Dharma?” he questioned. “Spreading love and harmony is Hindu Dharma; to think of the welfare of others, Respecting other religion, spreading peace and harmony is the true Hindu Dharma. Wearing saffron dress and delivering speeches of hatred is not called dharma. Hindu Dharma teaches love, harmony, peace and unity. I am not against Saffron. Since twenty five years, we have started wearing saffron dress in the temple. Some people misuse the saffron dress and create enmity and violence. Some Swamijis wear saffron and dance with girls. Is it not shame to the community? In the name of Hindu Samajotsava, an inciting speech was delivered but no leaders present there opposed it. We need to build a secular country and not discriminate religions. Many people have worked selflessly for the congress party but some people who were given positions have misused their power.”

Lambasting on the spying in Rahul Gandhi’s personal life, Poojary opined that the intelligence bureau is working in the interest of the central government. “I have also been receiving calls from unknown persons, for which I will file a complain with the telephone company”, he said.

When asked about the Samajotsava, Poojary said, “I did not hear of any inciting speech from the Dharmadhikari or Pejawar Swami. On the contrary, I was told that Heggade spoke about development and peace in the society. The opposition always accuse that the Congress is an anti-Hindu party, but the Congress government has without discrimination worked for the welfare of the people. The opposition only speak about peace but without peace nothing can be done.”

Mayor Jacintha Alfred, Deputy Mayor Purushotam Vijay Kumar Shetty and others were also present.

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