Mangaluru: Kadri Crematorium Becomes Ganja House – Corporator Ashok

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Mangaluru: The Prevention of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act is a drug control law passed in 1988 by the Parliament of India. It was established to enable the full implementation and enforcement of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985. But the illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs is rampant in our country. Some youngsters have destroyed their lives due to drugs. There are a number of workshops, seminars and street plays held to depict the ill effects of drug consumption, but at the same time action has not been taken to stop the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs. Those involved in the drug trade find remote places to do their business without any fear of the police.
Here, in Mangaluru, drug traffickers have found a safe place for their activities. The Kadri crematorium is one such place where drugs are available, said corporator Ashok during his visit to the Kadri Rudrabhoomi here, on August 8.

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 Ashok said that when the police are informed, they give reasons that there are no vehicles to come to the spot. “The police are not showing any interest to curb drug peddlers. Some people were consuming Ganja near the Nagabana in Kadri. When I informed the police, they said that the police have other work to do as a minister is coming to Mangaluru and they did not have additional vehicles to come to the spot. When I persisted, they came in another vehicle and nabbed some persons from the spot while they were consuming drugs,” he said.
He also said that the people who are into drugs create problems in the crematorium. “They do not allow people to cremate the body. It has become a nuisance now.”
“The police arrest those who are consuming drugs but they do not take any action against them. The police should find out the kingpin who is supplying drugs. Last Saturday (1 August), when I visited the Rudrabhoomi, two persons were consuming drugs. As soon as they saw us, one of them fled in a scooter.”
“In the coming days, we will develop the crematorium and build a compound wall and appoint a security guard. We have discussed the issue with the Mosarukudike Samiti, Shri Krishna Samiti and other organizations. We will call a meeting of all locals in the locality and try to curb drug related activities in the area,” he said.
When asked why he did not inform the police commissioner about this, he said, “So far it did not cross my mind to inform the higher officers. I was always informing the police. If action will not be taken, we will approach the higher authorities.”

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8 years ago

Why take trouble arresting drug edicts from Rudraboomi. They belong to Rudraboomi and pretty soon, they will be cremated there.