Mangaluru: Kalkura Pratishtana Holds Puja at Kadri Temple for the Safety of Nepal Earthquake Victims

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Mangaluru: A prayer was held at the Shri Manjunatheshwara Temple, Kadri for the souls of the Nepal earthquake victims and also for the safety of the people, here on April 27.

The temple priest of Kadri Shri Manjunatheshwara Temple, Ramachandra Adiga performed the Puja. Pradeep Kumar Kalkura speaking to said that in the Nepal earthquake, more than 3500 people lost their lives. Thousands have been rescued including 2500 Indians while thousands of others are homeless.

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He further said that many high rise buildings have collapsed and a number of temples have been damaged. “We want Kashi to be cool. India is the first country to send the relief team with 135 people from the national disaster response agency. It is a good gesture and humanitarian support from our country. Relief supplies like baby food, blankets, etc. have also been sent.

He also said that there is fear of earthquake in North India. “We have offered a Puja for the safety of the people. We also pray for the safety of the relief teams who have been sent to rescue the earthquake victims.”

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