Mangaluru: Karnataka will soon be known Corrupt and Criminal State – HMS Dharmendra

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Mangaluru: “The death of IAS Officer D K Ravi is the gift to the citizen’s of Karnataka state from the Congress party,” said the State Organizing Secretary of Hindu Mahasabha Dharmendra in a press meet held at Hotel Pathumudi, Ballalbagh here on March 20.

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Addressing the mediapersons, Dharmendra said that the Siddaramaiah government does not need any honest officer and the government has also proved that honest officers are not safe in the state. “Many politicians in the Congress party face criminal charges. In such a situation, how can an honest officer get justice? The Home Minister does not know the date of the IAS officer’s death. How can such a negligent minister provide safety or justice to the officer? Karnataka is already termed as a rape state and very soon it will be known as a corrupt and criminal state, if the government will not hand over D K Ravi’s death case to the CBI.”

He further said that before getting the post mortem report, the Police Commissioner and the Home Minister said that D K Ravi’s death is a suicide case. “Why did the HM and the Police Commissioner announce that it was a suicide case? If the Chief Minister and the Home Minister have self respect, let them resign from the post and hand over the case to the CBI for thorough investigation.”

He further said that in Maharastra and in many states of North India, the cow slaughtering has been banned. “The Karnataka state government should also implement the ban on cow slaughter and whoever violates the law should be given life sentence and penalty of Rs 1 lakh.”

“PFI should be banned immediately because it is involved in illegal activities. In Shivamogga, the PFI members shouted Pro Pakistan slogans. Such people should be arrested immediately.”

When asked about the sexual assault on a four-year-old girl in Mangalore One school, Dharmendra said that the investigation is going. “We will fight for the right cause and the innocent will be given justice.”

When asked about fighting to give justice to the victims of rape cases in the district instead of showing special interest only in the IAS Officer D K Ravi’s case by the Hindu Mahasabha, Dharmendra said that all the cases are under investigation. “We will surely take up all the issues one by one without discrimination of caste, creed and religion.”

Members of Hindu Mahasabha Rajesh Poojary, Shravan Kumar, Naveen Kumar Neermarga, Chethan Mallya, Prakash Salian, Kishore Shetty and Lohit Suvarna were also present.

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