Mangaluru: KKBM Felicitates Violet Pereira and Dr Usha on Women’s Day

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Mangaluru: The Karnataka Konkani Bhasha Mandal (KKBM) felicitated two achievers on International Women’s Day at Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya Stage, Shakti Nagar here, on March 8.





















The programme began with a welcome by the president of KKBM, Geeta C Kini. The former president of KCCI, Latha R Kini addressing the gathering said that March 8 marks the International Women’s Day. “On this day, women are recognized and honoured for their achievements in the society. In earlier celebrations, International Women’s Day highlighted the struggles of women to earn equality, while today the celebrations highlight success of women’s hard work in their communities.”  She wished all the women a very happy women’s day.

Meera Aranha, General manager, Karnataka bank addressing the gathering said, “Today, we are celebrating Women’s day, but all 365 days should be our days.” Recalling an apt message on Women’s day, she said, “You form half of the population and you are responsible for the other half. So, we women are hundred percent responsible for this world,” she said.

She further said, “I take this honour to say that I am hundred percent responsible for this world. There are many obstacles but sometimes a woman is the biggest obstacle to another woman. 40% of the jobs are held by women in the world but only 5% are CEOs. In India, out of 100 listed companies, only 4 CEOs are women. Women in the boardrooms of big companies are less than 5%. According to the law, atleast 1 woman should be on the board because people become more responsible when women are there in the board.”

Citing an example of people at the bottom of the pyramid who do not hold any post in any organization Meera said, “Mohammed Yunis of Bangladesh set up a Grameen Bank and formed a women self help group. If you give the power to women, it reduces their dependency on men. Yet lack of education comes in the way, even if women form groups. Ultimately, they depend on their husbands to do their job. Today, these Grameen Banks have over a 1000 branches. 90% of the borrowers from these banks are women and more interestingly, these banks register a recovery rate of 98%. Women are very prompt. If a woman desires to be a entrepreneur, the banks will financially help her. There are a number of schemes which women should utilize.” While concluding Meera said, “Besides women empowerment, let us look at personal empowerment. Woman should feel confident and capable of doing things with confidence. Sometimes, we do not have the confidence. Personal, political, social and economical empowerment – when women have these four types of empowerment, then only we will able to celebrate the real women’s day.”

Ophthalmologist Dr Usha S Heranjal  from Gujarat and Proprietor and Editor-in-chief of Violet Pereira were felicitated by the Konkani Bhasha Mandal on the occasion.

Entrepreneur Chandramati S Rao delivered the presidential address. Secretary Meenakshi N Pai delivered the vote of thanks. Basti Vaman Shenoy, Dinesh KShet and Ratnakar Kudwa were also present.

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