Mangaluru: KSRTC Introduces Volvo Vayuvajra AC Buses between City and Puttur

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Mangaluru: The airconditioned intracity Volvo bus service between here and Manipal have been very popular. They have been running with high occupancy on a regular basis, proving the point that if provided with comforts and prompt service, commuters do not mind paying extra for it.


Another sector with a large amount of commuter movement every day is between here and Puttur. When the KSRTC managing director visited Puttur last month, Puttur MLA Shakunatala Shetty had made an appeal that regular Volvo buses be run on this intracity route.

The administration has responded favourably and immediately agreed to introduce Vayuvajra buses in six trips on an experimental basis. With good response, two more buses will be put into operation, say KSRTC officials.

Effective Jan 23, the buses will leave the State Bank bus terminus at the maidan at the following timings. They will have stops at B C Road, Kalladka and Mani only.

From Mangaluru: 7-45 am, 10-30 am and 3 pm.
From Puttur: 9-00 pm, 11-45 am and 4-30 pm.

A single trip will be operated between Mangaluru and B C Road, leaving State Bank terminus at 1 pm and returning from B C Road at 1-45 pm.

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