Mangaluru: Kudroli Temple Bears Witness to Intercontinental Wedding!

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Mangaluru: Shri Gokarnanatheshwara temple in Kudroli in the city, which has created records in different ways, was the venue for an intercontinental wedding on Friday.


Vineet from Mannagudda tied the knot with Sally, an Australian, in accordance with the Indian rituals and traditions. Vineet had gone to Australia for studies in 2007. Thereafter, he took up a job there and, at the same time, being an international volleyball player, took up volleyball coaching at a school there.

He got acquainted with Sally, a teacher in the same school and soon the Cupid struck and their love blossomed. After five years of courtship and with the concurrence of both families, they got married in accordance with the local customs in Australia on December 19.

They got married according to Indian customs at Kudroli on Friday. Sally says that she has immensely liked the Indian customs and way of life and would be happy to be in Mangaluru.

Here’s wishing them a long and happy married life.

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