Mangaluru: Kudroli Woman Accuses Man of Not Returning Borrowed Gold Worth 42 Sovereign

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Mangaluru: Reena, a resident of Alake Kudroli in the city, has filed a complaint at the Bunder police against one Sudarshan of breach of trust by not returning gold ornaments worth 42 sovereign which he had borrowed from her.


Sudarshan had pleaded with her that he faced a financial exigency and had borrowed the gold on promise of returning it in two weeks.

Upon seeking its return, she was told by Sudarshan that he had pledged it in a bank. He was expecting a payment of Rs 10 lakh and on receipt of it, he would redeem the gold and return it to her, he had assured.

She tried to contact him on phone thereafter, but it responded with a switched-off message.

A worried Reena went to his home. He was not present there. But his father Prashant Devadiga, mother and Sudarshan’s wife gave her an assurance that they would ensure the return of her gold. When Reena went to Sudarshan’s office, she came to know that he had similarly cheated a few others also.

Finally she decided to file a police complaint. Many have expressed surprise as to how she could trust someone, even if he is a close acquaintance to the extent of lending one’s gold worth 42 sovereign.

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